Going on an Anniversarymoon Instead of Honeymoon


Newlyweds during the past couple of years may have endured unexpected “setbacks” after their engagement. From having to postpone their wedding date to excluding family members to canceling their honeymoon, the global impact of the pandemic has put things on hold for many couples. 

One of the most memorable wedding celebrations is a honeymoon to commence their love for each other. It’s the perfect time to finally relax and enjoy their next chapter as a married couple. But, what if it didn’t happen? Like many things in today’s world, you may want to adjust but find a way to still go on your dream vacation. 

The Traditional Honeymoon 

Traditional honeymoons as we used to know it provides newlyweds with one of their first memorable moments together. A honeymoon to any desired destination is the end cap to a wonderful celebration between two lovers. It’s truly a start for years to come. 

The average honeymoon lasts between five to ten days. However, it depends on the couple’s time, destination, and budget for vacation. Although there are great benefits of honeymoons for couples, they also come with various downsides. 

First, you have little time to rest, causing mental fatigue and physical tiredness. Planning and events leading up to a wedding can be mentally draining. Although it’s an exciting time, there are many moving parts. Then, there’s the actual wedding. For the couple, it tends to be a fun blur. A big celebration with little rest. 

All of this to say that there is a lot that goes into a wedding. 

And, on top of it all during these uncertain times, there’s a chance your honeymoon may be indefinitely postponed. Instead of not going at all, the next option may be a better choice. 

Are Anniversarymoons the Better Option?

Unlike honeymoons, anniversarymoons allow couples to celebrate their life’s precious moments at a later date. 

Whether it is your first, tenth, fifteenth wedding anniversary or a random date in between, taking a trip with your partner will help strengthen and spice up your marriage. 

Although anniversarymoons also require more strategic preparation, you have plenty of time to decide on a destination, consider an itinerary, things to do, places to see, and many other things. Options and flexibility provide a case for anniversarymoons over honeymoons. 

Let’s Finally Take Anniversarymoon

A cancelled honeymoon may be frustrating but it doesn’t have to be the end all. We highly encourage married couples to consider taking that trip at a later date. You’ll never regret going on the trip. You may regret not going. 

So, with plenty of time available to plan, you can choose your favorite destination, hotel, cruise excursions, clothes to pack, items to bring, flights to book, car to rent, restaurants to eat at, activities to do, etc. Let Superior Cruise & Travel, a KROZ Company, help you plan that anniversarymoon you and your husband/wife want to go on! 

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