Traveling to the Greek Islands: Everything You Need to Know


Are you looking for an exquisite getaway destination? You may have seen or heard about “the Greek Islands” and for great reason! The Greek Islands are one of our favorite places to visit. Our clients second that too! 

The Greek islands are the epitome of natural beauty, stunning beaches, pleasant weather, friendly/hospitable people, and unique traditions. 

Are you considering taking your best travel companions to discover the most magnificent islands in the world, off the mainland of Greece? Before you do, here are the most beautiful Greek islands to explore. 

The Cyclades Islands

Cyclades Islands

The Cyclades Islands are the most common stops among American travelers. It highlights two of the most visited islands: Mykonos and Santorini. Mykonos is well known for its nightlife and party scene. But, it also has a gorgeous Cycladic village  with local traditional architecture. Santorini tends to be more romantic and luxurious – a great honeymoon, babymoon or anniverarymoon spot.  

These islands boast stunning sandy beaches, white and blue architectural buildings, traditional lifestyles, fun atmosphere, beautiful landscapes and isolated chapels. 

We recommend visiting the Cyclades Islands between April and October if you want to enjoy a more vibrant environment. On the other hand, you can visit in November or December if you want a more secluded and peaceful environment. We suggest staying in the cliffside white and blue houses to take in the traditional vibes or finding a more luxurious and romantic hotel to enjoy your getaway.  

Saronic Gulf Islands

Saronic Gulf Islands

Saronic Gulf Islands are steeped in unique history and outlined with white-sand beaches. The Argo-Saronic Gulf of the Aegean Sea has beautiful islands, including Aegina, Poros, Hydra, Dokos, Spetses, Agistri, Salamina, and Methana. 

The multicultural environment along the Saronic Gulf Islands makes it a vacation paradise, especially for honeymooners and romantic couples. There are numerous places to visit and things to see on these islands, and the variety of accommodations, including resorts, villas, vacation rentals, and small apartments, is ideal for vacationers with a wide variety of budgets. 

Crete Island 

Crete Island 

Sitting roughly halfway between Europe and Africa, Crete is the largest Greek Island. It boasts deep roots, pleasant weather, picturesque beaches, pristine landscapes, hiking trails, vibrant nightlife and delicious, local foods. 

The best thing about Crete Island is that you can quickly get to it from Athens, thanks to the two local airports. We highly recommend renting a vehicle to explore the beautiful island in a day. 

In addition, you can find luxury boutique hotels, beachfront resorts, or private apartments to stay on the island. Sit back on the pristine beaches, enjoy the sunny weather, taste delectable food, and create memorable experiences by visiting Crete Island. 

The Ionian Islands

Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands are green, fertil, and carpeted with vineyards, pines, and olive trees, creating a picturesque environment. Besides the exquisite lush-green landscapes, you will love the soft-sandy beaches to relax on! 

Locals are friendly and most hospitable, with traditional values in their souls. You will enjoy the vibrant nightlife, soulful music, and delicious Mediterranean food. The saying goes, you ‘arrive Greece as a tourist and leave as family.’ 

Moreover, you can stay in a contemporary seaside luxury resort or a more affordable vacation rental based on your needs. There is something for everyone on the Ionian islands. 

Fun fact: The Ionian Islands encompasses seven islands but Corfu is the most well known and is protected by UNESCO 

The Sporades Islands

Sporades Islands

There are twenty four islands (only four are inhabited) as part of the Sporades Islands. These islands have a special combination of large, dark green pine trees and white-sand and crystal clear water. 

Visiting the Sporades islands is like traveling to a paradise on Earth…almost literally. These islands have world-class accommodations, restaurants, and cafes, offering state-of-the-art amenities, foods and beverages. 

You can rent a villa with private pools or book a room in a more full-service hotel with or without the family in Skyros, Skiathos, Alonissos or Skopelos. 

Let’s Book Your Trip to the Greek Islands – YOLO!

If we haven’t convinced you yet in this article, we recommend speaking to one of our experienced travel agents to discuss your future trip to the unmatched beauty of the Greek Islands! At Superior Cruise and Travel, a KROZ Company, we help our clients build out an itinerary and take care of the hassle of planning and booking. We’re here when you need us! With a five-star customer rating, more than twenty years of experience and strong partnerships in the travel industry, we are the go-to for global travel.

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