What to Pack for Your Greece Vacation


Are you considering taking a vacation to Greece? Excellent choice! Greece is home to some of the world’s most gorgeous views, pleasant weather, white-sand beaches, unique attractions and exquisite food. You’ll find many reasons to visit Greece for your next vacation. 

Once you have decided to visit Greece, the next step is to pack for your memorable vacation. Our travel experts, who’ve built thousands of Greece vacation packages, recommend understanding the seasons and pack accordingly. 

We’ve put together a general travel checklist but follow the  advice below to pack for your Greece vacation!

When is the Best Time to Visit Greece?

Honestly, there’s never a bad time to visit Greece. Peak season in Greece is July and August. If you are looking for pleasant weather with less crowds, May, June and September might be your ideal time to go. 

The summer months tend to be hot, dry and clear. The winter months are cold and cloudy. If you are looking to put on that bathing suit and explore everything Greece has to offer then visiting sometime between May and August would be ideal for you.

Our travel professionals at Superior Cruise & Travel, a KROZ Company, can help you plan and book your exciting trip to Greece! 

What to Pack On Your Greece Vacation

Like any vacation, it’s important to bring the necessary as well as the convenient. Whether you are visiting the Greek Islands or ancient sites like Delphi and Olympia, we have you covered. Print this article out and use it as your packing guide!

Travel Documents

You’ll need to bring your travel documents, such as a passport, photo ID, driver’s license and flight itinerary. 

Cash (Euros)

Having some local currency before visiting Greece can prevent you from experiencing various complications. Bring some Euros as a safety buffer as you depart the U.S. You can usually go to your local bank to make the exchange.

Additionally, inform your debit and credit card companies that you are traveling overseas. You want to avoid any unexpected holds that are legitimate. 


Depending on how long you are staying, at a minimum, you may to consider packing:

  • Short sleeve tops
  • Shorts and linen pants
  • Summer dress
  • Light jacket
  • Sun hat and/or baseball cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Nightwear
  • Socks and underwear
  • Comfortable sneakers
  • Dress shoes for dinner
  • Flip-flops


You can purchase toiletries at many places in Greece. This is ideal for people who want to cut back on specific products in their carry-on bags. However, if you want to pack toiletries in your bag, don’t forget to add:

  • Soap
  • Deodorant
  • Moisturizers 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Shaving cream or gel 
  • Toothbrush 
  • Toothpaste 
  • Shampoo 
  • Conditioner 


Pack all your electronic devices, including converters, adapters, and charges for European outlets. Other electronic you may want to considering packing are:

  • Headphones
  • Cordless earphones 
  • Camera
  • Charging bank 
  • Portable speaker 
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone battery cases 


Bring copies of your prescriptions and medications. Avoid packing unlabeled prescription medicine to streamline airport checks. Use original manufacturer packaging and ensure proper pharmacy labeling. 

You can bring a travel-size supply of OTC medications, such as antacids, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, etc. Moreover, we recommend carrying a travel-size first-aid kit to deal with unexpected emergencies. 

Create Your Luxurious Greek Vacation

Our Chief Travel & Lifestyle Officer will personally help you plan your luxury vacation to Greece. From airfare, lodging, adventures and everything in between, call us today to learn how you can take advantage of our vacation packages

You can email us at [email protected] or call us at (800) 992-8064. We look forward to helping you check off your bucket list getaway!

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