7 Genius Packing Tips to Help You Travel Like a Pro

Woohoo! You are finally going on that long, overdue vacation you so deserve, but packing is turning into a never-ending nightmare of panic. Don’t let packing for your vacation stress you out; check out these tips to help your trip go smoothly.
7 travel tips for packing

1. Start With a List

Get a list together of all your travel essentials, and be sure to check it twice. You can print a list online, or create a personalized one for your trip. There is nothing worse than arriving at the beach without a swimsuit. Make sure the night before you are set to leave all bags are rechecked.

2. Match Outfits and Pack More than you Need

Pack like colors for your outfits so you can mix and match your outfits easily for the perfect look. Make sure to pack two additional outfits in case of spills or if plans change and you need to dress up or dress down for the occasion.

3. Know the Airline’s Bagging Policy

Don’t let yourself get caught off guard by fees at the airport. Airline baggage fees and policies differ significantly from company to company, so do your research before you pack. Some systems are based on the size of the bag, some on weight. Some charge for carry on, some don’t. Once you familiarize yourself with the policy you can pack accordingly to save yourself the most money.

4. Roll your Clothes

Rolling your clothes will save space when it comes to packing for most clothing. It will help to prevent wrinkles and save you the hassle of ironing clothes once you get to your hotel. No one wants to do everyday household chores on vacation, so save yourself the time and space by thinking ahead and rolling your clothes.
Bulkier items such as sweaters are best to remain folded – or worn on the plane – as they become space stealers when rolled.

5. Carry On Your Essentials

Anything essential should be carried on with you. Make sure to have your IDs, passport, money, and an extra outfit with you. In the unlikely event that your luggage is lost, you will be glad to have planned ahead and at least be able to survive until it is recovered. Failing to have the essentials in your carry on luggage can ruin your entire trip.

6. Leave your valuables behind

Don’t take your favorite necklace or bracelet, or those shades you just would die without on vacation. Any small items that could be easily lost should stay behind. Buy costume jewelry and some dollar store shades to save on the heartache of losing your prized possessions.

7. Bring Extra Bags

Don’t forget that whatever you wear on your trip will be coming home dirty. Bring along some space saver bags to seal out the smell from your luggage and to keep from having less space on the trip back. If you plan to do any shopping on your trip you will want to have luggage to bring your items home unless you want to pay international shipping fees.

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