Top Four World’s Strange Places To Visit

Posted by SC&T on 16th May, 2018

Top Four Strange Places To Visit In The World

Most of the people travel to take a week or two off from work. They pack bags, book the tickets for one of the most clichéd tourist destinations ever.

For the people who travel for the thrill of it, the world is full of weird things, things, which would give any backpacker an awesome kick.

In this blog, we are going to talk about top four weirdest places to visit in this world.

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The Spouting Horn; Thor’s Well

Situated at Yachats, USA, The Spouting Horn, famously known as Thor’s Well, is sometimes called drainpipe of the Pacific.

Any of the cruise travel agency around you won’t take you to tour here, but one can try.

The name is given to the place because it appears that it is some sort of drainpipe, which is suckling the water of Pacific.

However, it is not true; it is just a 20 feet deep hole in a rock. Still, it is a grand illusion which can fool more than a lot of people.

The high tides attract more people in this area, if you are planning that too, keep the safe distance from water and be careful while taking selfies.

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Lake Natron

Widely famous as petrifying lake, Lake Natron is the most amazing and fascinating thing, one could see in one’s lifetime.

You must have read or heard in some ancient tale, that there are rivers with magical water that can turn mortals into statues when touched, this river is doing just about that.

Animals that die it this Tanzanian lake are turned into mummies; literally, the high level of sodium in water is the reason behind it.

Spooky, right? Wonder if any all-inclusive cruises have it on their packages? Google now, results might surprise you.

Christ Of The Abyss

Where many people already may find Italy, strange, because of its excellent ancient architecture, Christ of the Abyss was what the country needed to make tourists go bananas.

Christ of the Abyss is an over 2.50-meter tall statue of Jesus Christ, nothing strange in it? It is under water. Deep sea divers love this statue.

To some, it may be very soothing, and to some, it may scare the bejesus out, which is hugely ironic, for obvious reasons.

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Hand From The Desert

The Hand in the desert is situated in Chile’s Atacama Desert, and it is literally a hand in the desert, an actual hand coming out of the sand. Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrazabal made the spectacular piece of art.

Irarrazabal is famous for his absurd art and his ways of showing human suffering. As per the legendary sculptor, the Hand in the desert demonstrates the loneliness, and isolation of humans in wandering desert.

Ending Note

So, these are world’s four most weird places one can beat. Most of the sites are safe and usually have many tourists around.

Nonetheless one should always read safety guidelines from local tourism websites before traveling to any place, then you are good to call best travel agencies in Dallas and fly away.

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