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Posted by SC&T on 10th December, 2017

Walt Disney World is an experience like no other: each new land, from the Magic Kingdom to Epcot and everything in between, provides an immersive experience that gives you even more stories to tell once you’ve left. The overall experience is an intricate weaving of everything that makes Disney so attractive to people all around the world: it’s the energetic atmosphere, the rides, the food, the characters, the endearing staff. Call it the Disney magic. And every magic trick is a secret; Disney holds the best of them.

Here at Superior Cruise & Travel, we adore Disney and have helped hundreds of customers experience that magic with the best Disney vacation packages. To help you learn more about the Happiest Place on Earth, we’ve compiled a few secrets that will encourage you to make the trip. And trust us: you won’t regret it.

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Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

If you grab a bite from Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by a few hidden secrets. Fans of Lady and the Tramp should rejoice here: this spot is named for the restaurant where the two classic dogs enjoyed their renowned spaghetti dinner. At the back of the restaurant you’ll find a tribute of Tramp’s love carved into the pavement, and at the back of the restaurant, if you look outside the window, you’ll see them enjoying a nice meal together.

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The Chapeau Shop’s Crank Telephone

Located in Town Square, the Chapeau Shop has an old crank telephone hanging on the wall that’s more than just a telephone. While it looks like decoration, if you pick up the receiver, you’ll “overhear” a variety of different conversations taking place. This is a nod to the party lines of yesteryear, where different homes in a neighborhood could listen in on other conversations.

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Maurice’s Cottage from Beauty & The Beast

If you pay attention to detail, you’ll see many small facets of symbolism in Maurice’s Cottage from Beauty & the Beast. For example, next to a portrait of Belle when she was a child is a teacup and teapot that look a lot like the Mrs. Potts and Chip. A book that’s open on the table near the fireplace is no ordinary book; it’s the French classic “Le Songe d’une Femme” that Belle was reading at the fountain in her village (notice the torn page from when a goat ripped it).


Haunted Mansion’s Chicken Exit

At the site of the Haunted Mansion, there is one secret that’s quite interesting. When guests are about to board a Doom Buggy and choose instead to disabled access pathway, you’ll be escorted through a private “Servant’s Hallway” where a succession of valet bells honor Haunted Mansion Imagineers.

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Innoventions Plaza Fountain of Nations

Located at Epcot, this site contains water from different waters sources all around the world. It comes from the Arctic Ocean, Adriatic Sea, Caribbean Sea, Bodensee, Nile River, River of Thames, and over a dozen more. It is meant to represent peace and unity among different cultures and peoples.

Speak The Star Wars Language

Speak The Star Wars Language

Aurebesh, a language used in Star Wars, isn’t very difficult to learn in the real world. The characters of the alien language are featured across various websites, and fans of the show can quickly catch on. During the “Star Tours: The Adventure Continues” experience, if you take plenty of pictures of the writings on the walls when you’re in the queue, you can translate the characters to English when you get back home.

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Magic Kingdom Tunnels

Many people don’t know that Magic Kingdom is actually above above ground level. The utilidor system is a web of tunnels built at ground level that appears to be beneath Magic Kingdom. The incline is so gradual that visitors don’t realize they’re actually one story above ground. The utilidors can be accessed behind Fantasyland (though certain attractions and shop shave direct access) and comprise 9 acres of underground territory, used by cast to quickly maneuver the park. The only way you can access the tunnel as a guest is through a Keys to the Kingdom Tour.

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