10 Basic Things You Need to Know About Disney®


Orlando, Florida is home to Walt Disney World®, the entertainment mecca for families and offers everything one can dream. It is a perfect attraction for families and friends to enjoy a dream vacation with plenty of things to do.

Disney boasts four state-of-the-art theme parks: Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Epcot Center, Magic Kingdom, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. You can experience thrilling rides, mesmerizing live shows and meet your favorite characters. 

Here are ten basic things to know about Disney. 

Disney World® is Huge 

Disney covers an area of 25,000 acres, making it the largest entertainment center in the United States. In comparison, the theme park is about the size of San Francisco. In many cases, there won’t be enough time in one day to experience everything Disney has to offer. But, that’s okay because you’ll still get to A LOT!

Offers More than Expected 

Disney World® offers a lot of places to see and things to do. For instance, it has four theme parks, two water parks: Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon, more than 20 hotels operated by Disney, 12 non-Disney operated hotels and the Disney Springs with a downtown restaurant and shopping districts. 

Free Transit System 

Because Disney World® is a massive attraction with many places to see and things to do, it’s difficult to explore it all without a transit system. Thanks to the complimentary transit system, visitors are able to cruise from place to place in less time. This is a great time to enjoy some downtime before the excitement begins again.  

Disney Hotels 

Disney Hotels are operated by the company and offer a plethora of world-class amenities and services. The good news is that Disney World® hotels have three tiers: value, moderate, and deluxe. Each tier has different prices, allowing people of varying budgets to create memorable experiences. 

For example, the average price of staying in a value resort is $125 per night. However, if you want to stay in a moderate-tier hotel, expect to pay $250 per night. Deluxe hotels are even more expensive, costing around $450 per night. 

Delish Dining 

In addition to entertainment activities, Disney World® is famous for its diverse cuisines, rich menus with delectable food options, and mouthwatering desserts. Unlike many amusement parks, Disney offers its guests a wide array of foods from different cultures.  

Disney TransitEco-Tourism 

The best thing about Disney World® is ecotourism to promote environmentally friendly attractions. These include beautiful waterparks like Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. 

These are some of the most visited and attractive places in Disney World®. In addition to world-class waterparks, Disney World® is home to lush green miniature golf courses, beautiful gardens and large picnic areas. 

Adult-Friendly Activities 

Many people think that Disney World® is just for little kids. Although there’s some truth to this, the theme parks offer unique places for adults to explore. For instance, Disney hosts a ‘Food & Wine Festival’ or you can drink around the world at Epcot. But, like children, adults can also enjoy adventurous and thrilling rides and roller coasters. 

Planning is a Must 

Because Walt Disney World® is a massive tourist attraction with a plethora of places and activities, you must plan your trip to enjoy the sites with your family or friends. We recommend performing thorough research to find essential information. 

For example, you can look for room availability in different hotels, check out entertainment options, food menus, roller coaster ride timings, etc. The purpose of planning is to stay organized and experience better things within your budget. 

Disney Offers a Pass to Skip Lines

Disney World® has a unique theme park reservation system, known as Disney Genie+ (formerly FastPass+) that allows visitors to skip some lines. Of course, there are numerous restrictions but this pass could save you hours. 

Things Are More Expensive 

We recommend analyzing your budget and spending wisely because many things are more expensive inside Disney. Be prepared to pay more for regular items such as snacks, meals, toiletries, gifts and souvenirs. We recommend doing your research to find the best budget options. 

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