Planning Another Vacation from a Cancelled COVID Trip

No one imagined that 2020 would have forced the cancellation of all kinds of trips and celebrations, including birthdays, weddings, reunions, and anniversary vacations. It was a trying time for most around the globe. The world shut down and lack of optimism began to take a toll on many people. However, it’s 2021 and we are slowly coming out on the other side of the pandemic! It’s time to get out of the year-long cabin fever. And, a bucket list trip is what many need.

Getting ready to plan another trip from a canceled Covid-19 trip can be stressful and daunting. Not only do you have to figure out how to vacation again (from packing, purchasing last-minute items for travel, and determining who will pick up your mail and take care of your pets while you are on the trip) but now there are COVID restrictions that must be understood and followed.

To ease the burden, we’ve compiled a shortlist of things to consider as well as destinations to put on your bucket list.

Choose a Travel Date

If you want to invite your family members and friends, check in with them to ensure the timing you propose works for all. It is crucial to research destinations that work for your family and friends. Make sure you ask for group discounts when traveling with a party of 16 or more. If you want to travel to an international destination, ensure your passport is not expiring soon and you meet their COVID restrictions.


Cancelled COVID trip


Build Your Must-See List

Travel experts from Superior Cruise & Travel, a KROZ Company, recommend researching your destinations and making notes about hotels, restaurants, and must-see attractions to visit. The purpose is to avoid overbooking yourself and get the most out of your trip. Determine your budget and duration to ensure our travel agents can help you accomplish all of your travel goals with each and every trip!

Make Reservations and Be Aware of COVID Restrictions

Before you book your reservation, ensure you have read and understood the cancellation and COVID policies. Discuss your options for travel protection with your travel advisor to ensure you are properly covered. It is crucial to carry out this process to avoid disappointment, frustration, and financial loss. Start booking sooner than later for population destinations.

While you may feel your trip is a long way off, you will appreciate having your “to-do list” secured early on. Not only will you streamline the entire booking process, but you will also feel extra confident. So here are the unique bucket list destinations for 2021.

The Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi coastline is 25 miles away from Italy, offering Greek ruins, lemon and olive orchards, and ocean-side cliffs. We recommend starting in Sorrento, where you will feel that limoncello was invented in this place. Then, move on to the sleepier towns of Conca Dei Marini for serenity, tranquility, and quiet escape.

Alentejo, Portugal

Alentejo is known as “New Tuscany” for its beautiful landscapes and rolling hills. It is located in South Central Portugal, offering a crowd-free alternative to the original Tuscany. At the same time, the facilities and amenities offered are less expensive.

After enjoying the attractive rural areas, you will want to head west to the beautiful beaches. Beaches in Portugal are less crowded, allowing tourists to find some of the finest and sprawling sand to sunbathe.


Iceland is home to diverse landscapes, including geothermal hot springs, ice caps, glaciers, ice caves, black sand beaches, and gorgeous waterfalls. Adventurers between March and September can trek to the top of over 4,600 feet tall glacial peaks. You will also experience a full view of lava fields, glaciers, and waterfalls on a clear day.

Other destinations on your bucket list to consider are:

● Machu Picchu, Peru
● Paris, France
● Santorini, Greece
● Bora Bora, French Polynesia
● Venice, Italy
● Grand Canyon, USA
● Sydney, Australia
● Capetown, South Africa

Is It Time To Check Off Your Bucket List Destinations?

Do you want to get out of the cabin fever caused by the Covid-19 pandemic? If yes, now is the time to create or revisit your bucket list to refresh your soul by planning and visiting your dream places. Call us to help you rebook that canceled vacation so you can experience life once again!

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