5 Luxury Travel Trends That Will Explode in 2023

Luxury travel is all about creating a unique and extravagant experience to enjoy – guilt-free. Whether you are going on a private charter or visiting the Greek Islands, a luxury getaway might be exactly what you need in 2023! We’ll touch on the luxury travel trends you should know about in 2023. Many Americans looking to escape want to experience uniqueness, comfort, privacy, relaxation and extravagance services. For most, they think it’s unachievable and they have to settle for less. We’re here to dispel this thought and work alongside you to make a trip of a lifetime happen! Ask any of our clients, we turn your travel dreams into reality. We’ve helped hundreds of clients plan and book their vacation. We’ve seen it all. Here are the five trends we see happening in 2023.

Solo Travel

Many travelers have turned toward solo traveling after the worldwide shutdown in 2020. There is a sense of flexibility and freedom when you’re on your own. You’re in a favorable position to see what you want and make new friends along the way. Travelers who are alone tend to be more mindful and enjoy the moment more. Catering to someone else or another group can be mentally taxing. You can enjoy activities like hiking, surfing, and biking trips to connect with nature. Additionally, you can leverage wellness and meditation retreats in destinations like Tulum and Maldives.

Cairo, Japan and Italy Are Trending

Cairo was a big post-pandemic surprise destination and will continue to be a desirable attraction in 2023. Although Egypt is known for ancient treasures and its rich history, there is more to this wonderful country. From the amazing golden sand beaches to jaw-dropping architecture, Cairo is a metropolis like no other. Go on a romantic journey and enjoy the Cairo festivals, eat Mediterranean cuisines or cruise the Nile River. You’ll never be bored In Cairo, Egypt. Japan is one of the most amazing tourist destinations the world has to offer. Your cultural outlook will dramatically enhance as there is an interesting blend of Eastern traditions and Western modernity that can be experienced all over the islands, especially the mainland. Travelers looking to getaway to Asia can experience luxury resorts, five-star dining, pampered service and much more!
Spiaggia Rosa

Spiaggia Rosa

In addition, Italy will be another hot spot. The simple phrase, “an Italy vacation” spews extravagance (and rightfully so). From exotic beaches such as Spiaggia Rosa to historic cities such as Rome and everywhere in between, Italy is draped in culture and luxury. You’ll not only enjoy the white-sand beaches and Italian cuisines but beautiful villas, vineyards, festivals, museums and much, much more! In addition to the above, from our 2022 year in review, these are other popular destinations destined to continue into the new year. Top Cruise Destinations:
  • Caribbean
  • Europe
  • Bahamas
  • Alaska
  • Australia/New Zealand
Top Land Destinations:
  • Hawaii
  • Germany
  • Caribbean
  • USA

Private Yacht Excursions

Private yacht excursions are an elite and luxurious way to vacation. But, not out-of-this-world expensive where you can’t do anything else during your stay. Booking a private yacht is an excellent way to achieve exclusivity and the freedom to do what you want and when you want. Whether you are out for the day or the week, private yachts can offer you the ability to visit exotic places that might not be accessible to the majority of vacationers.

Visiting Destinations During the Offseason

More and more travelers are traveling to popular destinations during the offseason. For many Americans, the shift to remote work has allowed for families to travel outside of school vacation weeks. Solo and group travelers are able to enjoy a luxury vacation at more affordable prices and deal with less crowds…win/win in our book!

Traveling to Gather at Luxury Destinations

Although solo traveling is trending, this does not mean people have stopped traveling in groups to amazing destinations. Multi-generational getaways have become more popular over the last couple of years. More so for travelers over 65, gathering a family together to enjoy a luxurious vacation can create memories for decades to come. In addition to multi-generational trips, people are enjoying their vacations more as a group. Whether it is a bachelorette party, an alumni guy’s trip or a group of Mom’s needing to getaway, gathering at a world-class resort makes it that much more enjoyable.

Let’s Start Planning Your Getaway!

If you have been thinking about traveling this year, we highly recommend calling our travel agents now! We have exclusive partnerships with the best companies in the travel industry. We’ve helped many clients plan and book their luxury vacations for less. All of our travel packages are unique and custom to you. We’ll help you travel the world, experience new places and enjoy what life has to offer all us! Just give us a call at (800) 992-8064 or email us at [email protected].

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