Do You Want More Control When Traveling? Consider Chartering.


What if you could take your own yacht to The Marina at Atlantis or fly into St. Moritz, Switzerland? Well, now you certainly can by chartering your way there!

Chartering by air or sea has been insanely gaining popularity as people want more control over their travel. The demand for chartering was brewing prior to COVID and continues as commercial airlines and cruise lines work to get back to efficient operations. From canceled flights to disrupted travel schedules to travel companies being understaffed, the delays and cancellations are becoming the norm. 

As we’ve seen with our clients, the pent up demand for travel has exploded and everyone wants to get away. Travelers are willing to go the unconventional route to get what they want. 

Chartering  a villa, yacht or private jet has been a welcomed option as it provides greater control, exclusivity, flexibility and options. For example, a family of four can take a private yacht to St. Martin and watch the planes fly by on their deck rather than the crowded beach. It’s an experience that satisfies even the most discerning of tastes and highest demands.

Not only can you travel more comfortably but you can also fly or cruise into ‘off-the-grid destinations’ such as the Aeolian Islands, Faroe Islands and Virgin Gorda.  

At Superior Cruise & Travel, a KROZ Company, we’ve seen many examples of couples, families and groups chartering privately for different reasons, including:

  • Spending a few days on a cruise ship for an exclusive company outing
  • Chartering a yacht sailing a custom itinerary to host esteemed guests for THE wedding
  • Taking a luxuriously casual week on a superyacht to reunite with family and friends
  • Cruising European island with Yacht Week to join other like-minded travelers
  • Flying a private aircraft domestically or internationally to arrive in style and on your own schedule

We are still living in uncertain times but flying private, cruising by private yacht or private cruise ship provides greater control in your life. Not only can you customize your travel schedule to fit your needs but you may have a say in practically every detail from the dining and drink menus to the itinerary or route as well. 

Whether you are  jet-setting for a couple weeks or a quick weekend away, chartering is usually worth more than the money spent. In most cases, you’ll avoid delays, long airport lines, understaffed personnel and more. Chartering is the epitome of extraordinary and stress-free travel.

If you are interested in speaking with  our experienced Chief Travel & Lifestyle Officer , please call us at (800) 992-8064. 

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