What to Do In Bangkok on a Weekend


Any plans for the free weekend ahead? We suggest a visit to Bangkok. The city is amazingly beautiful and presents some really exciting things for solo, couple and family tourists. There is something for everybody with no dearth of tourist activities and attractions; you have them in plenty (life, excitement, and culture) to choose from.

Below is a list of all the activities you can choose from to make your weekend full of excitement.

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The Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew

A Bangkok visit is incomplete without a walk through the home of the monarch – the mesmerizing Grand Palace. The king doesn’t live here anymore, but the palace is decked up for all ceremonial occasions. It is located on the ground of the temple of the Emerald Buddha. This temple is the most important Buddhist temple in Thailand. People from different places in Asia visit this place. The historic site should be visited with an organized tour. Commuting will become easier and you will save time to visit other attractions. It takes about 2 hours to see the whole palace.

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Chinatown Heritage Center and the Golden Buddha

The Chinatown Heritage Center situated at the Wat Trajmit, 661 Thanon Charoen Krung is a must-see attraction of Bangkok. You may have to shell 200 baht to see the Golden Buddha, apparently the largest in the world. This payment allows you to get entry to the exhibition too, showcasing the history of Buddha. Women are required to cover their shoulders here. It is open from 9 am in the morning to 5 pm in the evening.

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Jim Thompson House

Want some peace in the bustling Bangkok, you must visit Jim Thompson House. If you have an eye for architecture, silk or Thai artifacts, then do come to this place. Jim Thompson, an American businessman and former member of the CIA helped to save the silk industry from extinction. He built the architectural wonder piece and kept all the collection of Thai artifacts in it. Jim lived in this house till 1967 before disappearing mysteriously. A guided tour of the house costs around 100 bahts.

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Shopping at Siam or Chatuchak Weekend Market

You can’t come back home without shopping at the Chatuchak Weekend Market. You can either visit it via Skytrain to MoChit BTS Station or the underground Chatuchak MRT station. It is the biggest open-air market in the world and has around 15000 stalls. These stalls sprawl on1 km. The market operating since decades has everything you can imagine. If you have enjoyed the place enough, you can visit the malls around and experience modern shopping and socialize too.

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Get some relaxation with the famous Thai massage. Your weekend vacation would be incomplete without this one. Many places offer this experience. You can opt for exotic services like aromatherapy and reflexology. Most of the massage venues remain open from 9am to 11pm every day. For some super pampering, come to the Sukhumvit 31 and Sukhumvit 51. You can have a range of activities here for half a day or a complete full day. This includes massage as well as Jacuzzi. Both these venues are open from 10 am to 10 pm each day.

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Summing up

There is so much more to do on a weekend vacation in Bangkok than just the above. We have given you a few ideas with a hope that they have hit the right imagination chords.

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