5 Themed Restaurants To Visit


Everyone loves to eat, and there’s nothing quite like a unique culinary adventure at one of the many themed restaurants around the world. Themed restaurants are so popular because they create immersive experiences that diners will likely never forget. This is where the meal and atmosphere merge to mold the perfect dining excursion. Here are five themed restaurants to visit while you’re traveling:

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Uobei, Tokyo

Tokyo has some of the most unique dining experiences in the world, and it’s no wonder that people planning a vacation to Japan intend to have a stellar culinary experience. In fact, Tokyo has more Michelin stars than any other place in the world. The futuristic Uobei restaurant is perfect for Tokyo visitors looking towards the future.

Each seat, stretched out across conveyor-like tables, is equipped with a monitor for ordering. Guests can select from multiple languages while ordering, and the food is then delivered via a high-speed chute. In fact, it’s rare that visitors will see a staff member on the floor, but it’s all a part of the futuristic vibe.

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The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant, Ukraine

The beautiful Ukraine city of Lviv has shed its troubled past and emerged as a trendy, welcoming city steeped in history and with plenty to offer its visitors. The dining scene here is particularly unique. The !Fest hospitality group owns several uniquely-themed restaurant, each with their own kitschy properties.

One such restaurant, called the Most Expensive Galician Restaurant, is highly-rated and possesses enough mystery to keep you reflecting on your experience for days to come. The outside of the restaurant has no official name; only a symbol that shows you you’re at the right place. The actual restaurant is located on the second floor, and guests are recommended to purchase a discount card at the back of another first-floor restaurant — without it, your meal will likely be one of the most expensive you’ll ever have. You can also choose to negotiate a discount upon entering, and this is all just a part of the curious charm of the place. According to insiders, you’ll want to aim for around a 90% discount.

You’ll notice upon entering that it’s dark and brooding, and designed to look like an apartment. Guests are greeted by a disheveled “resident” in a bathrobe — if you’re not nice, he’ll likely turn you away.

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Ninja New York, New York

This ninja-themed restaurant excels in both cuisine and execution. Servers are dressed as ninjas and perform tricks while passing out dishes. The setting is designed to look like a dark Japanese village, with long snaky passageways and hidden subterranean corners. Guests are led to the dungeon-like dwelling through an elevator, and it’s not uncommon to be frightened by ninjas jumping out of nooks and crannies. At the end of the meal, the experience concludes with a short show from the restaurant’s team of ninjas.

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Modern Toilet,Taipei

Modern Toilet is one of the more unique options on this list. This bathroom-themed restaurant was dreamt up by the owner while he was actually using the bathroom, and the concept has been met with much success (while its flagship is in Taiwan, they own multiple locations around Asia, including in China and Japan). Meals are served in toilet bowl-shaped plates while guests dine on toilet-shaped seats. Drinks are also served in urinal-themed cups that guests can take home. Check out these photos of the space. What’s especially nice about this place is that it’s not just a gimmick: the food is also pretty good.

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Dine In The Dark, Bangkok

The Dine In The Dark restaurant in Bangkok aims to create a complete sensory awareness experience, where users are immersed in their meal without the sense of sight. Located inside the Sheraton Grande Hotel, guests are ushered into a dark room and led to their tables by blind waiters.

Unlike similar concepts, there are no masks involved here: the rooms are pitch black, and not a modicum of light is able to seep in (though there are cameras to monitor safety at all times). Guests enjoy three-course meal and can choose from different styles. After each course, the waiter returns to the table to see if the guests can identify what was on the plates. At the conclusion of the meal, they meet with a restaurant representative to look at pictures of their plates. The restaurant has hundreds of five-star reviews, and is highlight recommended.

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