Jetlag: Archenemy of every traveler


When they say “Peace is the path, not the destination” chances are they have never felt the wrath of mighty jet lag.

It is the most irritating and irksome thing that can happen to a traveler and this is our curse we all must feel it once.


What’s Jetlag?

For those who don’t know what jet lag is; it is a temporary sleep disorder. It is caused when you are traveling to a different time zone than yours.

During jet lag body’s circadian clock (internal clock) is out of sync with the new time zone. Jet lag can bring fatigue, sleeping disorder, lack of appetite and severe headaches with it.

Just like you can ones you can feel during selecting Disney vacation packages for your kids.

Don’t worry, we have some natural remedies for you to tackle bloody jet lag;


Hydration is the key

Hydration is the most critical factor here; you need to stay hydrated all the time if you are suffering from jet lag.

Hydration here means drinking a lot of water, not a lot of alcohol or caffeine. Never consume a lot of alcohol or caffeine when you are under the effects of jet lag.

Alcohol will only make it worse, it disturbs your already disturbed sleep cycle, and it will dehydrate you furthermore.



Charity starts from home, and so do the preparations of curing jet lag. You need to change your sleeping routine at least a month before your flight date.

  • For Eastern Destinations: You should start going to bed earlier than your usual time. Because of the simple fact, the sun rises earlier in the east.
  • For Western Destinations: If you are traveling to a western destination, you may want to delay your sleeping schedule a bit. The same rule applies here too; Sunsets late here.


Adapt To Evolve

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, adopt the new time zone and living style as quickly as you can, so that your internal clock may reset quickly.

Start eating according to the new local time. If possible eat your first meal according to the new time zone; this will set the tune for your next of snacks too.


Let The Sun Smile On You

Absorb as much sunlight as you can when suffering from jet lag. A person’s melatonin cycles and circadian clock depend heavily on amount of sunlight person’s eyes intakes.

You must be tired from all the traveling, but you cannot lie on your bed for the rest of the day like a tired wildebeest. Go out there explore things see sights and absorb a lot of light.


No Sleeping Pills

Some may advise you take sleeping pills and get it over with, but this is not an answer anyone is looking for, it’s not natural.

It will make you sleep but not naturally and everyone knows the side effects of these pills, Parasomnia, drowsiness, addiction, and what not.

Resisting sleep till it is the local bedtime is, one of the best cures for jet lag, sleeping pills are never a safe way.

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