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When you’re planning a getaway or business trip to the greater Houston, TX region, are you going to see Six Flags AstroWorld, or visit the Houston Zoo? If you are still relying on typical discount travel websites, you likely will only have the opportunity to pick one.

How, then, can you save more on your upcoming Houston trip? The secret is unless you’re booking through the Houston travel agents more travelers trust, you’re spending too much on your arrangements.

For more than 18 years, Superior Cruise and Travel Houston has assisted more vacationers with exclusive discounts on all inclusive vacation packages. Whether you need to maintain a travel budget or squeeze more into every trip you book, we stay the best solution for your needs every day.

Other online travel websites don’t go far enough in reducing your overall vacation costs. When you need to know that you’re saving more on the ideal vacation, you won’t find a better choice than our staff.



From someone outside looking in, you may not think that Houston has that much to offer the excited traveler such as yourself. However, if you know where to go, you’ll discover that the city remains one of the best-kept touring secrets for many travel experts.

We can best assist you in determining which points of interest will achieve the best response from your group, or help you get a better idea of how to get about town no matter where you go. Choosing us is like having a local area resident guiding you through your travel plans and itineraries.

Even discount hotel sites don’t provide the exclusive savings or affordable vacation packages that our staff offers daily. When you need to know you’re receiving the most amount of savings on your trip, you need us at Superior Cruise and Travel.

Many people have counted out using a travel agency group for their vacations, thinking that hotel booking sites can provide everything that they need. However, without our industry knowledge or years of travel networking, you won’t find a better deal on your trips than through us.

Whether you’re planning on touring one of the numerous museums and gardens, breweries and nightclubs, or enjoy watching an Astros game at Minute Maid Park, we are here to make it all more affordable. Why continue prepaying for online coupons or pay membership fees when we offer you the lowest price on it all without the games?

Instead, we provide you with customized vacation packages that are sure to delight, no matter what your interests may be or the duration of your stay. Choosing us means getting the opportunity to see it all without spending more than you must.

For more than 18 years of remaining dedicated travel experts, we have continued helping more vacationers save on more destinations. When you’re traveling to the greater Houston area, make sure you get the most discounts possible by booking through us today.