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If you’re a movie buff that planning a vacation, why not combine the two? Whether you’re traveling on a budget or opting for luxury travel packages, you can craft an itinerary to please your Hollywood appetite when you visit the homes from movies you know and love. From classics like A Christmas Story to chilling hotels like Stanley Park, these homes were both shot for the big screen, and open to visitors in the real world.

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A Christmas Story: A Christmas Story House & Museum

If you loved A Christmas Story, you can rejoice at the possibility of visiting the Parkers’ home from the iconic film, which is currently owned by Brian Jones, who renovated and designed the home to look exactly like that of the movie. The replica home is a museum open to the public, and is stocked with props used to shoot the film and various movie memorabilia. Not far from the house is a Chinese restaurant that also serves as a replica of the restaurant in the film.

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X-Men: Statley Castle

The Statley Castle in British Colombia, Canada, was the site for Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters in the X-Men series. While its beautiful exterior is most renowned its role in x-Men, the castle has a reputation in Hollywood movies: other films that have been shot here include Deadpool, The Boy, and Poltergeist: The Legacy. The castle is currently owned by the Royal Roads University.

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The Shining: The Stanley Hotel

Tucked among the Colorado Rockies is The Stanley Hotel, the eerie resort from the classic Stephen King book, The Shining. As the story goes, Jack Torrence (played by Jack Nicholson) moves his family into the secluded Overlook Hotel to take care of it during the winter, when it’s closed to outside guests. Today’s visitors can take a tour through this seemingly haunted spot, or stay overnight in one of its room.

Located just outside the Rocky Mountain National Park, what makes this place particularly interesting to visit is that, unlike others on the list, the hotel came first, and then the movie and series. King was so inspired by his stay in Room 217 that it led him to write his novel based on his experience. Today, Room 217 remains the most requested room of the hotel. One television channel at the hotel plays both Stanley Kubrick’s version of film, as well as Stephen King’s, on a loop.

Since 1911, a series of paranormal activity have been reported here, and some particularly centered around Room 217, one of the hotel’s most haunted spots. Guests have had had strange things happen, such as bags being mysteriously unpacked, lights turning off, and the sound of phantom laughter. In 2017, guests even claimed to have captured a ghost on camera.

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The Others: Palacio de los Hornillos

If you’re considering a vacation to Spain, you should definitely check out the site of The Others, Palacio de los Hornillos. The palace played a major role in the film (starring Nicole Kidman). It is one of very few homes built with a Victorian architecture in Spain, and is steeped in a history of its own, having been built for royalties: King Alfonso XIII and his wife Victoria Eugenia. The home sits on over 30 hectares and has stunning gardens and ponds throughout the property.

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Honorable Mention — Groundhog Day: Royal Victorian Manor

Nestled in the Chicago suburb of Woodstock is the Royal Victorian Manor, which was the Cherry Street Inn in Groundhog Day, starring Bill Murray. This spot makes the list because it was formerly well-known, and hosted Groundhog Day-themed events (and was fully booked well in advance for the actual Groundhog Day). However, it’s currently for sale, and until it gets a new owner, guests won’t be able to relive their memories of the film.

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