Essential Tips for Flying with a Baby & Young Children


Traveling with young children, including infants, is challenging for many parents because their routines are often disrupted. Every parent wants the best for their child, but traveling with them entails increased patience, responsibility, planning, and preparation. From waking up in their crib to sitting on a plane with a bunch of strangers, flying can make a difficult transition. Here are a few tips for flying with a baby and achieving peace of mind. Read on! 

Ensure Your Baby is Healthy for Travel 

Discuss pre-existing issues or health conditions with your pediatrician before traveling with your baby. If your baby has been sick or becomes unwell at the departure time, make sure you communicate with your pediatrician.  

The purpose is to make a proper assessment before the flight takes off and take a proactive approach on the ground to avoid emergencies during the flight. Remember, in-flight options are limited, meaning you have to take a preventative approach before boarding the flight.

Choosing the Right Flight

Choosing the right flight based on your family’s circumstances will give you more peace of mind. Ideally, you’ll want your baby to sleep during the flight. Choosing flight times that is around nap time can give you a better chance for your baby to stay relaxed in the seat or in your arms.

Also note, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), parents must secure babies under 40 pounds in a car seat during the flight. Some airlines have special rates for infants in their parents arms. 

Therefore, it is wise to inquire with your Superior Cruise & Travel agent to determine whether you can purchase a separate seat for your little one based on your travel budget. 

Pad in Extra Time

Giving yourself some time can help you stay organized and optimize the entire process as children come with a lot of “gear” of their own and plenty of unpredictability. For example, getting to the airport early will provide you with ample time to check in, change diapers, feed your baby, etc. 

Try to avoid the rush when dealing with things like feeding time and bathroom accidents. Giving  yourself the extra time to deal with these things  will help you and your family enjoy traveling together. 

Be More Than Prepared 

Always be extra prepared when traveling with your little one. Feeding during take off helps infants that cannot “pop” their own ears or chew gum. For some children, chewing gum is exclusively for flying! Gastrointestinal and respiratory incidents are common in-flight ailments for infants and babies. So, make sure you travel with your supply of medications for your child. Airplanes are a mode of transportation. Be sure to stop by the airport’s convenience store after clearing security to gather last minute necessities.  Don’t rely on the inflight crew to have a supply of these items. 

Also, don’t forget to bring enough toys, snacks and clothing to last the flight. You want to ensure you have  everything your baby needs! 

Be Stroller Smart

Experts recommend packing the most compact and sturdiest stroller. If you don’t have a stroller suitable for traveling, you can look for various options in the local stores and online sites. 

Practice beforehand by loading the stroller with your baby, diaper bag, and carry-ons to ensure it is doable. Also, determine how you will transport the car seat onto the plane if you wish to bring it. 

Seek Help When Needed 

While our first class passengers always board first, families with young children in the main cabin are often invited to board before other main cabin passengers. Flight attendants are available to help and support you, allowing you to stay comfortable throughout the journey. Not only can flight attendants bring you water for preparing formula milk for your baby, but they can also help you dispose of dirty/stinky diapers. 

A flight attendant can also hold your infant or baby for some time, allowing you to take a trip to the restroom or bathroom. 

In Conclusion

We hope these tips for flying with a baby were helpful. Remember, it’s better to over-prepare than under-prepare. At the end of the flight is your destination or home so try to stay patient

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