7 College Football Destinations Worth the Visit


There’s few U.S. sporting events that rival the college football scene. For the sports fanatics and college alumnus, September kicks off the exciting season of live football.  

From rooting for your favorite college team to watching a future NFL star, the four month football season has sports fans at the edge of their seats. 

Traveling across the country to meet old friends or introduce your family to the campus can be a great long-weekend experience. 

Without further ado, here are seven college destinations worth visiting this fall. 

Boston College (Boston, MA)

Boston is one of the most beautiful, electrifying and historical cities in the U.S. Although known for its professional sports teams, the college scene is still enjoyed by many New Englanders and visitors. In fact, many of our clients will couple their college football experience with a Boston Red Sox or a New England Patriots game. 

Boston College’s Alumni Stadium is one of the most beautiful stadiums in the northeast. Although the stadium can only accommodate up to 44,500 people, it is an intimate but exciting event as the BC Eagles take on their ACC counterparts. 

As you start the weekend, Boston has a lot to offer. From walking the Freedom Trail to eating at the North End, there’s so much that a group of football fans can do. 

Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, LA)

Louisiana State University (LSU) is a powerhouse team in the college football ranks. With a strong following, traveling to watch the LSU Tigers can create a fun and memorable experience. 

LSU Tiger Stadium also known as “Death Valley”, creates a thrilling, exciting, and energetic atmosphere for football fans. 

Additionally, Baton Rouge is famous for its cultural sites and diverse southern cuisines for food lovers. Fried chicken, a cold beer and SEC football…what more can a football fan ask for?

University of Southern California Trojans (Los Angeles, CA)

You may not consider Los Angeles as a college town but with two nearby football teams (USC Trojans and UCLA Bruins), you should consider getting away to L.A.

USC fans can rejoice as they enter LA Memorial Stadium to tailgate with family, friends and strangers. As game time approaches, maroon and gold flood the stadium that holds 78,000 fans.  

In addition to watching the Trojans, you can easily explore the beaches, Disneyland and Hollywood during your visit!

Texas A&M – (College Station, TX)

Texas A&M, College Station, is a small town of 170,000 residents. However, it has gained a strong reputation for sports, particularly college football. The Aggies have a loyal following as fans flock to Kyle Field on Saturday’s. 

Kyle Field is one of the most beautiful and largest stadiums in the U.S, with a capacity of 100,000 people. Enjoy a weekend filled with loud cheers, touchdowns and fist pumps!

University of Michigan  (Ann Arbor, MI)

The University of Michigan has one of the richest histories in college football. Dating back to 1879, the Wolverines have won over 880 games and 11 championships. 

The Big House is a stadium the University of Michigan operates and manages. It is one of the largest stadiums for college football, with over 107,000 seating capacity for spectators. Cheer on the Wolverines as they host their competition in one of the most electrifying atmospheres in the Big 10. 

During your stay, take a stroll through downtown Ann Arbor. Here, you will be able to visit plenty of restaurants (Zingerman’s Roadhouse is a local favorite), bars and shops.

Notre Dame (South Bend, IN)

South Bend is one of the largest and football-crazed cities in Indiana. It holds a significant value in the U.S for its rich American history and culture. Moreover, South Bend is also famous for its NCAA college football team, The Notre Dame Fighting Irish. 

Although you can typically watch the Fighting Irish compete on NBC, nothing comes close to seeing them live at Notre Dame Stadium. 

While you are in South Bend, consider visiting The Grotto or the Studebaker National Museum. 

University of Wisconsin (Madison, WI)

Madison, Wisconsin is a U.S city that combines traditions with innovations. You can visit Madison and watch Big 10 conference football games at Camp Randall Stadium, a beautiful and loud venue for college football. 

In addition to visiting Madison for football games, you can explore the campus and state capital building. Additionally, Milwaukee is a 90-minute drive and home to several popular brewery tours including Miller. 

Las Vegas, Nevada

Wait…didn’t you say this is a list of 8 college destinations? And, why is Las Vegas on this list? Las Vegas is a great destination to watch college football and enjoy the nightlife, pool parties and endless entertainment! 

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