Budget Friendly Fall Attractions in Europe


Europe is a traveler’s dream. The continent offers a mix of history, culture and landscape and can be extremely expensive. But if you play smarter, then this place can be light on your pocket, especially during the fall. Not many people visit Europe during the fall, and there is a dip in flight and hotel rates, you can visit these places, and they won’t dig a hole in your pocket.

Let’s check out the list:

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Bansko Bulgaria

If you love skiing but can’t make it to the main Alpine resorts, then head towards Eastern Europe. It houses some breathtaking ski destinations. This includes Bulgaria’s Bansko on the Pirin mountain range. The ski resort can be accessed via a beautiful but narrow gauge railway line. It has a good beginner and intermediate railway. Apart from the usual tourist attractions, the place has an array of old pubs behind the cobbled alleyways.

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Baltic Coast of Estonia

Estonia has many attractions beyond its capital, Tallinn. The little European country offers a myriad of opportunities such as long beautiful coastline stretches, islands, and national parks along the Baltic coastline. 725-square-kilometer Lahemaa National Park is an hour from Tallinn and can be explored on a bike. The place offers you an opportunity to cycle around its coastal paths, view beautiful beaches, rugged caves, visit fishing villages and take a nap on hay bales in a farm. Towards the west is Resort of Parnu. It has picturesque beaches, and the island of Saaremaa has pine forests with extremely affordable spas.

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Leipzig Germany

It is one of the few capitals of the world where the cost of living is below the national average. It is a blessing in disguise for people like you who are traveling on a budget. Since the rates keep soaring high in Berlin, you can venture out to other places like Leipzig. This city has a fascinating history. The 1989 protests started here. Last two decades have seen a rise in the tourist development of the place. It has rising artist enclaves and offbeat nightlife with some old industrial buildings.

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The Peloponnese, Germany

Greece on a budget seems impossible. We associate it with camping on the beach, island hopping and sleeping on the deck. Traveling and popularity of the resorts add to the budget. Hence, think of the Peninsula of Peloponnese. The place is home to ancient sights of Olympia and Epidaurus. The attractive Byzantine towns, beautiful rail-railway journey with some spectacular medieval villages. These and more are perfect if you are alright with some budget traveling and not any package holiday.

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Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

It is regarded as the jewel of Macedonia. The lake is vast and deep. The namesake town has frescoed medieval world churches, a fortress and an amphitheater waiting to be seen. Explore the beautiful city and also dive, swim or explore it on a boat. If the land beckons you, then take the hiking route to the nearby Galicica National Park. As somebody traveling on a budget, you can rent various waterside camping spots made just for you.

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Summing up

There are more places like Porto in Portugal, Lviv in Ukraine, Andalucia in Spain and more. We have given you the best options above. Pick the one that matches your taste and start bookings.

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