5 Unique Hotel Perks


When you plan a vacation, where you choose to sleep at night can make all the difference. Arriving at your hotel is often a sweet reprieve from a long day of traveling, but this is all the more true when your hotel is a little something special to offer. The Superior Cruise & Travel team is no stranger to luxury travel packages, and we know a unique perk when we see one. The following is a list of some of the most interesting hotel perks around.

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Hotel Deluxe, Pet Services (Portland)

The Hotel Deluxe is a venue that’s sure to impress. The art deco aesthetic is reminiscent of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Every detail — from the pop-up cinema to the afternoon tea — is carefully planned. But one thing they do execute differently than other hotels is their pet services.

Upon arrival, your pet amenities include a bowl, a bed, and tasty treats. Other canine treatment options are pet massages, pet acupuncture, doggie room service, and the most unique of them all — access to pet psychics. Their Pet Spiritual Menu includes a comprehensive list of inspirational literature for dogs, and guests can learn about topics like pet psychology.

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Six Senses, Paraglide Entrance (Zighy Bay, Oman)

How you make your grand entrance means a lot to the staff over at Six Senses in Oman. Guests drive in from Dubai and up a mountain pass, where they get out and paraglide their way to the front doors, and arrive to find their luggage is already waiting for them. Many of hotel’s guest choose to glide in, as the area is highly popular for paragliding and parasailing.

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Barnsley Resort, Fairy Godmother (Adairsville, Georgia)

Just 60 miles outside of Atlanta, The Barnsley Resort possesses both Southern charm and a whimsical, sprawling green setting. With mazes and horses and cottages — and even on-site ruins from an old manor —  this guesthouse aims to deliver a unique experience. And they’re able to do so with the help of their resident Fairy Godmother, who is very much active on the premises, but not as advertised publicly (the perfect secret).

The Fairy Godmother is more of a finely-target concierge service that hones in on your needs and makes your stay even more enjoyable through random surprises and acts of kindness. One guest arrived at their room to find a firefly-catching kit with a small magic wand waiting at the doorstep. Another guest arrived at her suite to find Champagne, peanut butter cups, and salted caramels — all her favorites, left by the Fairy Godmother. The Fairy Godmother is known for learning about the guests prior to arrival and incorporating that knowledge into guest visits. She helps organize roughly six wedding proposals per month, and her main goal at the hotel is make dreams come true.

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Virgin Hotels, Tesla Car Service (Chicago)

Chicago’s Virgin Hotels are committed to helping their guests travel in style. The hottest electric cars on the market are available to those visiting the Virgin Hotel. Guests can be chauffeured in a Tesla to many landmarks and attractions, and are given priority airport pickup and dropoff access. This is just one element of a larger sustainability project. What’s most attractive is the price point: despite this luxury car service, Virgin Hotels manage to provide perks at lower price points than other high-end hotels.

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Ashford Castle, Owl Ringbearer (Ireland)

In 2015, this 13th century luxury castle was named the best hotel in the world. As if a castle wasn’t magical enough, the Ashford Castle in Ireland has a special wedding package available that includes rose petal turndown service, massages, champagne, and a highly-trained owl that will deliver engagement rings. Owls aren’t the only popular bird at this place: there’s also a Falconry school, where guests can receive guided tours by the hawks themselves.

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