5 Picture-Worthy Rocks Around The World


Everyone loves a good photo-op — especially when you’re on vacation. Protruding rocks and outlandish boulders around the world offer just that. Here at Superior Cruise & Travel, one of the best layaway travel sites, we understand that a picture is worth a thousand words. We’ve rounded up some of the best picture-worth rocks across the globe, and with the right planning, you’ll be staring at these beautiful natural wonders in no time.

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Trolltunga, Norway

There’s no doubt about it: Norway’s Trolltunga is one of the most amazing picture-perfect rock formations in the world. Hovering nearly 2,300 feet above Lake Ringedalsvatnet, it offers breathtaking views, and many visitors have likened it to Disney’s “Pride Rock” in The Lion King.  It juts out above the water and is as daunting as it is beautiful. But people who want to venture to the rock’s edge will have to work for it. A 10-12 hour hike through a mountain range is necessary to reach this spot. Be sure to have the proper equipment for the trek. Chances are, it’ll be well worth the effort and you’ll have the picture to prove the memory of a lifetime.

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Balancing Rock of Mahabali

The Balancing Rock of Mahabali looks as if it defies gravity, and it’s this fascinating appearance that attracts people from all walks of life. Dubbed “Krishna’s Butter Ball”, this 250-ton balancing rock is uniquely positioned on a 45-degree slope, making it look as if it’s bound to roll down the hill any moment now. Locals and tourists alike visit the rock frequently, and the daring visitors relax in the shade provided by the rock’s shadow. A popular pose at this spot is to hold your hands out against the rock, making it appear as if you’re holding it up.

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Kjeragbolten, Norway

Another Norwegian staple, this rock is also only accessible via a hike (a 6 to 8 hour journey roundtrip). Visitor beware: the best photo you can get from this spot is best fit for daredevils and thrill seekers. Visitors stand atop the rock, which sits lodged between two mountains (thanks to glacial movement) and face a 3,330-foot drop to the bottom. The hike isn’t too challenging, but for those afraid of heights, you might want to sit this one out or take photos from a distance.

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Nature’s Time Post, Canada

You’re in for a treat when you head to Nature’s Time Post in Canada. Here, a narrow column of basalt sits perched on its tip. Like other rocks mentioned, this is another one that almost looks as if it could topple over with a gust of wind. Situated in the Bay of Fundy, it’s the perfect place to take photos and then settle near one of the area’s picnic tables or rest spots. The hike towards the Time Post isn’t too demanding, though there is a 235-step staircase you’ll have to endure.

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Rock in Brazil

For the ultimate optical illusion, head to Brazil to take a photo at Pedra Do Telégrafo in Rio de Janeiro. A cliff situated perfectly fine on flat ground can be manipulated in photos to appear as if it’s much, much higher than it is. When you’re in a particular position from rock, you’ll see just its tip and beautiful backdrop, and many tourists have taken advantage of this illusion by pretending to be hanging off the edge (if they were to fall, they’d hit flat ground in just a few feet). Take a look at this article to see how others are tricking the camera with some master manipulation.

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