5 Myths About Cruise Travel


Here at Superior Cruise & Travel, we get hundreds of customers each year looking for the perfect all inclusive cruise deals. We’ve been matching customers with the ideal cruise package for nearly two decades. However, as one of the premier travel agencies in Boston, Dallas, and elsewhere; we understand how skeptical newbie cruise travelers can be.

There’s plenty of misconceptions about cruise travel, especially as it’s gotten much more popular over the last decade and led to a variety of opinions. Many people don’t want to believe the “one size fits all” promise that cruise companies deliver, ensuring that there really is something for everyone on a cruise ship. For those who are still in disbelief, here are five myths about cruise travel:

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Myth 1: Cruise travel only caters to loungers.

Cruise lines go the extra mile to make sure you’re entertained for the duration of your stay, and today’s cruise ships have a wide range of stimulating activities. The average cruise features movies, lectures, comedy acts, live music, and more. The bigger ships on widely recognized lines have unique, adrenaline-rushing activities. For example, Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas has a wind-tunnel skydiving simulator, and on Norwegian’s Breakaway ship, guests can balance on a beam positioned 180 feet above the water below.

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Myth 2: You could get seasick — or just plain sick.

You’d be surprised to find out that in the majority of cases, you won’t even feel the boat moving. Cruise ships are often equipped with stabilizers to keep the ride as smooth as possible and can be adjusted depending on weather and sea conditions. If you tend to have seasickness, opt for a room in the middle deck, as close to the center as possible (a cruise ship’s natural balance point). Another concern for cruise travelers is what would happen if an emergency, such as sickness, occurred. Most ships have elaborate medical facilities, and in the case of a serious emergency, have standard protocols in place for air transport to the nearest hospital.

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Myth 3: Everyone gets the same benefits, and premium cruise travel isn’t available.

When it comes to cruise travel, your trip can be as premium as you’d like it to be. You can opt for the bargain cruise deals or the luxury cruise package, and each come with the basics of standard cruise travel: typically, this involves unlimited access to a number of restaurants, and most onboard activities. Those looking for more luxury can opt for grandiose staterooms and VIP service, with access to better amenities like high-end spas and world class restaurants.

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Myth 4: Cruises only go to tourist destinations.

While cruises do travel to popular destinations, like Mexico and Caribbean islands, there are different types of cruises that go to more off-the-beaten path places. There are a variety of river cruises, for example, that travel along the Mekong in Southeast Asia, through glaciers in Alaska, or along the Chobe in Africa, where guests can get great views of natural wildlife. Your cruise trip can be as curated as you’d like it to be.


Myth 5: Disney cruises are only fun for children.

Sure, Disney cruises are riddled with Disney characters playing games with your children, but there’s much more to Disney cruises than Mickey Mouse and Elsa. Beyond the costumes, there are fine pubs with leather chairs, adult-only pool zones, nightclubs, and trivia nights. And let’s not forget the booze tastings, adults-only excursions, and a fitness center for those adults who want to get their daily workout in.

Fortunately, you don’t have to plan your cruise alone. Talk to one of our expert travel agents to learn more about different cruise options and what best fits your needs. We’ll help you find the perfect ship, cabin, and activities to get you going on the trip of a lifetime.

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