5 Intricately Designed Ice Hotels


If you don’t mind cozying up in cold weather, there’s no better place for you to get your chill on than in one of these ice hotels. Here at Superior Cruise & Travel, we believe that every guest should delve deep into their travel experiences to make the most of their adventure.

These outstanding hotels are truly livable pieces of art that allow guests to immerse themselves and embrace the cold weather. So pack some layers of warm clothes, and do something different. Whether you’re gazing up at the Northern Lights in Finland or skiing to your door in Spain, these ice hotels offer some of the most unique overnight experiences in the world.

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Hotel of Ice, Romania

Situated near the Carpathian Mountains in Romania, the Hotel of Ice was the first hotel of its kind in Eastern Europe, and it holds up to its reputation. And being an ice hotel is no easy job: every year it must be rebuilt using bricks of ice made from Balea Lake, which is near the hotel site. With only twelve rooms available, it’s best to book in advance. The hotel also has an ice bar, lounge, and restaurant. Complete with ice plates, the Ice Hotel operates the only venue with a full ice restaurant in the world.

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Kemi Snow Castle, Finland

Like the Hotel of Ice, the Kemi Snow Castle is rebuilt every year in January before it melts in unidentifiable sludge during the Spring. Originally constructed as a gift from UNICEF in 1995, it became such a staple among locals and tourists alike that it still sees the cold winter months year after year. Its architecture is vast, complex, and medieval in style.

The ceilings are twelve feet high and the hotel features a chapel and art gallery. The castle is often adorned with ice sculptures from visiting artists. Colorful dim lights grace the interior walls to create an ethereal glow, and visitors are very happy with the majestic energy of this location.

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Igloo Hotel, Spain

The Igloo Hotel in Andorra is the perfect way to craft the ultimate snow and ski experience. Just two hours from Barcelona, this hotel is a part of the Iglu-Dorf chain that runs a few ice developments around the world. The hotel is comprised of only five real-made igloos, which holds six people each. Guests can stay in the igloo with shared residents (much like a hostel, albeit high-end and made of ice) or rent a private igloo for themselves. The hotel also has a terrace, hot tubs, and ironically, a sauna. The igloos are located up in the Pyrenees, a popular place for skiing, and visitors can ski directly to their front door.

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Arctic Resort Kakslauttanen, Finland

Unlike some of the others on this list, Finland Arctic Resort Kakslauttanen Hotel isn’t fully made of snow and ice, but if you go during the snowy winter months, it feels and looks like the real deal. The good thing is, this means the igloos are open year-round. The dome-shaped ceilings are made of glass, creating an amazing viewing experience for those chasing the Northern Lights. These hybrid glass-ice igloos are the perfect way to relax in a cozy bliss.

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Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Norway

This is another spot that’s great for Aurora Borealis viewing. Just a short drive from Alta’s city center, the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel has thirty igloos with thick, cozy sleeping bags and reindeer hide blankets. The service building stays warm and is open to guests throughout their stay, and visitors have access to a chapel with ornate ice sculptures, and an ice bar. The sauna is included in the stay, and guests can book a spot in one of the outdoor jacuzzis and the hotel restaurant (one spot is automatically reserved per igloo per visit). The hotel also arranges activities for their guests, which range from husky sledding to snowmobile safaris.

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