5 Interesting Museums To Visit In Mexico

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There’s plenty to see and do on your Mexico vacation — so much so, that scultping your itinerary might be a little challenging. Whether you’re looking for a luxury Mexico vacation package or Mexico vacation on a budget, there are still plenty of amazing museums to suit every traveler type and style. These museums are a nod to Mexican culture, and there’s plenty to see and admire. Each of these five interesting museums have something unique to offer, and you’ll leave the country feeling a little more fulfilled.

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Soumaya Museum

During your trip to Mexico, you don’t want to miss out on the Soumaya Museum. This 170,000 square-foot facility is six stories tall and and houses over 60,000 pieces of Central American and European art. It was funded (for over $70 million) and donated by Carlos Slim Helu, one of the richest men in the world. And it isn’t just about the wonderful art that call this place home– the architecture of the museum is a wonder to gape at in and of itself. There’s a reason why it averages 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor, with nearly 3,000 reviews. Designed with a modern approach, it’s built using hexagonal aluminum tiles from Helu’s plant. And the best part is — admission is always free.

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Museo del Juguete Antiguo Mexico

The Museo del Juguete Antiguo Mexico (The Toy Museum of Mexico) is the ultimate playground: it’s home to over 20,000 toys. This kitschy spot gives visitors the chance to learn more about Mexican culture through the history of its playthings. Mostly in no particular order, visitors will find four floors of scattered toys, and the museum even sells real vintage toys at the gift shop.

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Museo del Objeto del Objeto

You’re in for a treat at the delightfully charming Museo del Objeto del Objeto, where vintage everyday objects are the star of the show. The variety of objects is vast: there’s stationary, soda bottles, food packaging, electronics, and more. The museum was inspired and built upon the collection of everyday objects owned by Bruno Newman, who took 40 years to amass a collection of 30,000 objects. The purpose of the museum is not only to display the everyday objects of yesterday, but to chronicle the history of Mexican product design. Today, it holds over 100,000 objects.

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The Mummies at Museo de El Carmen

Here at the Museo de El Carmen, there are twelve natural mummies on display. The crypt where the mummified bodies are kept are below an oil painting collection of colonial religious art. From 1615 to 1628, the building was a school and monastery. The bodies belong to former parishioners who were left in the crypt, and because of soil conditions, they naturally mummified and dehydrated. They were later uncovered in the 17th century by people looking for buried treasure.


Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo House Studio Museum

A set of twin houses connected by a bridge was constructed in 1930 for this famous artist couple. The Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo House Studio Museum is a testament to their work. Today, the home houses many of the couple’s work, including Kahlo’s paper mache figures of humans and animals, which were constructed on the premises. Both artists lived their until their deaths; Kahlo in 1954, and Rivera in 1957.

This list of museums is a great place for you to start, but if you still find it difficult to decide what to do in Mexico or how to pay for your Mexico vacation, reach out to our travel agents at Superior Cruise & Travel. We specialize in Mexico trips, and are happy to help you live out your dream holiday.

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