3 Saving Tips For Your Honeymoon


Wedding plan can be just as fun and exciting as it is draining. As you spend all your free time deciding on details like floral arrangements and table cloths, you’ll likely find your mind wandering off to a luxury hotel in Hawaii or high-end ski lodge in Colorado. Honeymoons give you and your new spouse something to look forward to: it is the culmination of all the planning and waiting, and the perfect opportunity to celebrate your union in total bliss.

And as if weddings weren’t expensive enough, the average honeymoon costs $5,000 and lasts six nights and seven days. But not everyone can just drop thousands of dollars on a honeymoon. For those that can’t here three crucial tips for saving up:

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Work With A Travel Agent

Travel agencies like Superior Cruise & Travel are professionals in the travel industry, and as such are fully equipped to craft the perfect honeymoon itinerary for you. Travel agents understand the ins and outs of honeymoons and all the tools of the trade. Because they’ve built strong relationships with vendors around the world, they can even offer you some of the best treatment you’ll receive. Loads of money can get you a great concierge, but it can’t supercede the working friendships between people who have done business together for years.

Travel agents also take a huge load off your plate. It’s a sweet reprieve to be to able to simply talk to the agent about your must-haves and let them handle the gritty details. Because they’re so familiar with the travel industry, they’re able to quickly identify the best honeymoon destinations based on your criteria. This eliminates the hefty amount of research you’d have to do. And in many cases, travel agents have exclusive access to perks, packages, and luxury upgrades that aren’t accessible to the general public.

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Start A Honeymoon Registry

If you’re struggling with money, all hope is not lost: honeymoon registries can make the impossible happen. So before you call it quits on your dream vacation, it’s best to explore all your options.

A honeymoon registry allows your guests to donate money towards your vacation, instead of or in addition to, purchasing a physical gift from your registry. Essentially, it’s crowd sourcing for your honeymoon. Contributors can add money towards specific areas of your honeymoon, such as airfare, a dinner, activity, or hotel rooms. You can also lump the overall price tag to let the donations chop away at it. Depending on your needs, there are quite a few honeymoon registries to choose from .

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Consider Staying Closer To Home

When you’re on a tight budget, it’s best to explore all your possibilities. And sometimes, this means choosing a honeymoon destination that’s closer to home. A great getaway doesn’t have to be foreign; you’d be amazed to find out just how much beauty is in your backyard. If you’re in the West Coast, Mexico vacation packages are always a solid option. For East coaster, Caribbean honeymoon packages will likely do the trick. Or, you could stay even more local by exploring a destination in your own home state, or one nearby. For inspiration, check out this expansive list of the most romantic getaways in each state.

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