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The Bahamas is officially known as the common wealth of the Bahamas. It is an archipelagic state consisting of over 700 islands located north of Cuba and Haiti. It has great relaxing and beautiful beaches with pristine white sand and crystal clear water which can be quite rejuvenating. One of the best beaches in the World – the stunning four-mile beach at Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort is located in the Bahamas. When in the Bahamas, you can decide to relax on the beach with a cold drink, or take advantage of the different beach activities on offer including kayaking and sailing. The choice is absolutely yours!

The Bahamas is notably one of the world’s tourist’s destinations for scuba diving and snorkeling. One of the resorts that offer scuba diving and snorkeling expeditions is the Santa Maria Beach Resort, and you get face to face with a variety of marine life in their natural habitat. If you are a first timer, a dive course can be arranged for you to learn the in and out before taking a dip. Usually, an experienced dive crew is usually around the corner in case of unforeseen emergencies. Ever heard of the Long Islands, the Pirates of Nassau Museum, the Christ Church Cathedral, and the underwater rock called “Bimini Road” found in the Bimini island. These formations have been said to be the remnants of the lost city of Atlantis! Explore these places with a tour guide because there’s always something exciting to see at the Bahamas.

Never visit a place without having a taste of its cultural delicacies. Enjoy delicious cuisines at different restaurants. Look out for hot spots in hotels, food chains, and local eateries. For an original  Bahamian experience, endeavor to try the outdoor fish fry at Outrigger’s at Smith’s Point, just east of Lucaya.

Looking for a perfect destination for a vacation? Go right ahead and plan your trip to the Bahamas. Look for cheap travel deals if you are a on budget or luxury vacation packages with a travel agency near you and plan your getaway to the Bahamas. You will be glad you did!

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