Traveling to Nashville: Here’s What to Do


Nashville is the home of country music and the Grand Ole Opry, but this beautiful city also offers other live music venues, trendy shopping, a delectable food scene, year-round festivals, cultural events, scenic beauty, fine arts, and much more. It’s truly a city that offers something to everyone. 

Here are a few reasons to consider if you are considering traveling to Nashville, Tennessee this year!  

Live Music

Live music is usually playing no matter what part of Nashville you visit. Nashville is the heart of country music and rightfully so. Local and well-known country artists play in front of intimate crowds. While more popular musicians like Thomas Rhett and Carrie Underwood flood the stage at Ryman Auditorium. 

The city has numerous music venues ranging from less popular to large-scale ones, such as the above mentioned Ryman Auditorium. In addition to country music, you will often hear Christian rock, blues, and pop performances. 

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Beautiful Scenery 

The city boasts rolling hills, bodies of sparkling water and colored leaves in the fall. Thanks to the scenic hiking, trekking, and walking routes, the exceptionally picturesque outdoors is abundant.

In addition, the Nashville landscape is diverse and mesmerizing day or night. When you drive down any back road in Nashville, you will find lush green spaces and meadows with a clear blue sky, magical sunset and gorgeous views of the city’s skyline. 

Delicious Southern Dining 

Nashville’s restaurants offer diverse menus with delectable and unique food items. From southern fried chicken to local burger joints, Nashville has local restaurants and breweries to fill any appetite. 

There are numerous bakeries and coffee shops for people looking to taste the sweet treat or sip tea, coffee, and wine. 

You will never go hungry in Nashville because this city is a culinary paradise and offers diverse foods, from vegan burgers to vegetarian dishes and BBQs to hot chicken. 

Cultural Attractions

Nashville is home to historic museums, art galleries, music venues, and cultural attractions that contribute to the charm and charisma of the city. 

We recommend visiting the Tennessee State Museum, the Country Music Hall of Fame, CheekWood Botanical Gardens, The Rymer Gallery and First Center for Visual Arts.

Shopping Paradise 

If you are a shopping enthusiast, head to the Marathon Village in Nashville. The vibrant neighborhood has hundreds of shops, stores and services. The most popular places to visit in Marathon Village are Nashville Olive Oil Company, Music City Creative, Southern Gift Shop, Engine Deli, and Bang Candy Company. 

In addition, visiting Marathon Village is an excellent way to explore historic structures and meet artists, designers, performers and inventors.  

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