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Tens of millions of tourists flock to the greater Minneapolis, MN area every year, making it a top vacation destination. However, when you find yourself living here most of the year, you want a reliable travel agency for unique trips.

From luxury cruises to international resorts, you need a Minneapolis travel agent who can find exclusive deals and better packages. No matter where you prefer to visit or your vacationing budget, you can always save more on travel with us.

At Superior Cruise & Travel Minneapolis, we offer the best in exclusive deals and offers you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you need to save on a luxury cruise, all-inclusive vacation packages, or a quality staycation, we have you covered.

Our best Minneapolis travel agents operate with more than 18 years of industry experience, finding your highest value for vacations. When you need to save more on a memorable trip away anywhere in the world, you can count on us.


Many consumers today still use discount sites to book hotels, thinking that they found a real value for their trip. However, because these rooms get offered as last-second cancellations, you can’t always find the deal you need for your vacation.

Instead, we continue working with partners across the globe to deliver exclusive travel packages at lower costs for any destinations. From sandy beaches in the Caribbean to exploring ancient cities in Europe, we can save you more on them all.

No matter what packages you hope to see or where you and your loved ones want to go, choose us. As your expert Minneapolis travel agency, we guarantee your best value for any trips, including deals for:

Whatever interests you have or where you prefer to vacation to, we always save you more on quality travel packages. See why more solo flyers, families, couples, and more, continue to choose us for their best deals for their trips.

Even seasoned travelers still need help locating their best packages, value, and itineraries from their best travel agency in Minneapolis. And as our staff continues working hard for nearly two decades of vacation planning, you always receive a better deal.

We use our exclusive international contacts to deliver affordable arrangements for luxurious destinations throughout the world and cruise ship savings. Or, if you need some time away without leaving, you can discover a rejuvenating staycation for an at-home tourist experience.

You no longer need to continue using the same discount travel websites like everyone else and still receive better packages. Choose us at Superior Cruise & Travel Minneapolis today to plan your luxury vacation for less anywhere in the world. Let our expert travel agents in Minneapolis, MN help you plan and book your next adventure!