Attend the Kentucky Derby 2023 in Style


The Kentucky Derby also known as the “fastest two minutes in sports,” is one of the most prestigious and electrifying sporting events in the U.S. Held at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, this event is where you’ll catch athletes and celebrities becoming spectators watching thoroughbred horses compete for the finish line and a seven figure payday.  

Every year, about 150,000 people attend the coveted first leg of the Triple Crown. The Kentucky Derby is much more than horse racing. It’s a weekend long celebration filled with parties, back-tie galas, late night bar hopping and more. 

We’re here to enhance your experience and create unforgettable memories to last you a lifetime.

Experience the Kentucky Derby in Style

More than just a horse race, the true Derby experience combines luxury, fun and plenty of entertainment. Whether you’re there for the horses, celebrities, fashion or refreshing mint juleps, Derby weekend boasts plenty of things to do.

The full Derby experience can last three full days. From luxury lodging, tours of the bourbon trail’s distilleries, race day transportation, celebrity events, galas and a range of Derby tickets, you can experience the Derby in style. Take full advantage of the various options while you are in Louisville, Kentucky and check off another bucket list trip! 

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Kentucky Derby FAQ’s

We’re here to make your trip more enjoyable and to answer your questions you may have. The following are frequently asked questions from our customers:

  • What’s the address to the Kentucky Derby? Churchill Downs: 700 Central Avenue, Louisville, KY 40208 
  • How do I get tickets to the Kentucky Derby? For this year’s event, you can still get tickets by contacting our Chief Travel & Lifestyle Officer at Superior Cruise & Travel, a KROZ Company.  Visit for more information about the festivities. Looking ahead to 2023, you can register in the fall in a lottery for a chance to buy grandstand tickets. 
  • What should I wear and do I need to bring a fancy hat? The Kentucky Derby is not shy when it comes to its fashion. Large hats for women and suits for men is the typical attire. This is not an event to hold back! Visit for inspiration.
  • What should I drink? It’s Kentucky so make it a bourbon; neat or on the rocks. The official drink of the Derby is a mint julep – which includes a locally distilled bourbon, of course. 
  • Where should I stay? There are many places to stay, especially in downtown or near the airport (which is close to Churchill Downs). 

2023 Kentucky Derby Travel Packages

Are you ready to experience the Kentucky Derby in an unforgettable fashion? Superior Cruise & Travel, a KROZ Company, has custom curated packages for a weekend to a full week celebrating the Kentucky Derby based on your taste, style and budget. Our Chief Travel & Lifestyle Officer will personally consult with you to achieve your Derby dreams. Experience it all with Superior Cruise & Travel, a KROZ Company!

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