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There are many different ways to travel today: car, bus, plane, train; and just as many styles of traveling: solo, groups, backpacking, and so on. How you choose to travel depends on your preference, but what’s most important about traveling is to keep an open mind. What you think one way of traveling might consist of isn’t always accurate, and sometimes there’s even more to offer than you think. As you go through different ways to travel, consider whether there’s a new way of traveling that might take you out of your comfort zone. For the ultimate travel experience, here’s what we consider the best ways to travel:

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There’s no doubt that cruise vacations are one of the best ways to travel. There are dozens of cruise lines to choose from to suit all traveler types — from mainstream ships like Carnival and Disney cruise lines, to the more luxury, upscale types like Regent Seven Seas or Oceania. Regardless of how you like to travel and where you like to travel, there’s a cruise line for you.

Cruises offer ample onboard activities and dining to keep you indulged throughout the duration of your trip. Most major cruises have several pools, spas, theatres, gyms, casinos, and bars. Food is commandeered by some of the most amazing chefs around the world, and with so much to do on the ship, your on-board itinerary will be just as jam-packed as your offshore itinerary. Simply put, cruises offer the perfect blend of relaxation with fun. Consider it a DIY adventure bundled into one single-price package.

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For the budget traveler, the most expensive part of the trip is booking the plane ticket. Backpacking affords travelers the ability to travel with versatility and on a lean budget. Backpackers get to the see the country from the ground floor, in ways many others don’t, and often run into adventures that make for great storytelling.

One of the biggest misnomers about budget travel and backpacking is that you have to sleep in low-quality hostels and shady bed and breakfast businesses to affordably move about from city to city or country to country. This simply isn’t true. There are plenty of cost-effective budget accommodations, group activities, and tours to keep costs down — especially if you’re in a country where the value of the dollar is strong, like Southeast Asia.

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There are many reasons you should consider traveling the world by way of train. First off, like airplanes, trains get you from Point A to Point B — but without all the hustle and bustle of harsh security, long lines, frequent weather delays and, of course, turbulence. In fact, many consider train travel to be one of the most underrated ways to travel, and for good reason.

For starters, train travel allows for low-cost traveling across different classes (first, second, and third classes). And unlike air travel, overnight trains provide beds for passengers to properly stretch out during long-haul trips. For many train travelers, riding on trains is nostalgic in the best possible way. From the food cars to the conductors, there’s something simply charming about riding a train through a country. There’s more freedom to move about and seating is often more comfortable than other forms of transportation.

Lastly, traveling via train can offer an incredibly scenic journey. When you’re going from place to place, why not be able to see everything in between? From sprawling green landscapes to mountain ranges and vineyards, you won’t be able to rear your head away from the window.

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Volunteer Programs

Volunteer programs with a travel component is one of the best ways to travel because it’s so rewarding. There are plenty of operators and tour programs that take volunteer travel to new heights. Major companies like Peace Corps, Cross Cultural Solutions, and G Adventures offer promising options. You can choose your volunteer program by type (helping conserve marine life or educating children, for example) or by country.

Be sure to read reviews for any program you’re interested in, and request brochures or meetings with representatives where possible. Many people who participate in volunteer programs combine it with personal travel, and this is a great way to combine having fun with making a difference.

Regardless of how you choose to travel, reach out to Superior Cruise & Travel for the best cruise deals, all-inclusive vacations, and even layaway vacation packages. We’d love to talk to you about your ideal trip — and perhaps even trade travel stories! Our travel agents are very enthusiastic about travel, and eager to help plan your next adventure.

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