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Best Things To Enjoy in Visiting Cairo
Cairo Despite being primarily desert, Egypt is a vast and varied land, rich with culture and color and much of the farthest-reaching history in the world. There is fascination to be found here in many places. Cairo however, is undoubtedly the convergence of all this richness. It absolutely shudders with life. Just walking the crowded market streets for hours, absorbing the exotic Cairo mayhem, is a memorable travel experience to many. Highlights Pyramids It needs not be said, but no
Jordanian Honeymoon Destinations For Nature Lovers
The Ultimate Jordanian Destination Honeymoon For Nature Lovers Jordanian is an ideal place to engagewith nature andindulge in adventure travel activities. Due to its locationin the Middle-East,Jordan is an underrated honeymoon destination. However, Jordan is an extremely safe country to visit for all kinds of travelersand offers plenty of things to do for couples on their honeymoon. Ajloun Forest Reserve Ajloun Forest Reserve located in north-west Jordan is great to start your nature honeymoon in Jordan. The reserve covers a
5 Most Romantic Bridges In The World
5 Most Romantic Bridges In The World Bridges and lovers have a long tradition; strolling on an old bridge hand in hand is one of the most popular activities among lovers of all age groups. Bridges have been used by lovers since historic times to set up trysts and rendezvous. Here are some romantic bridges that have been a haven for lovers and featured in movies, books, and in popular culture. Most of the bridges are located in Europe; however,
Honeymoon Destinations In European Mountain
5 Destination Honeymoons In The European Mountains Destination honeymoons need not always be at expensive over-water bungalows or in opulent all-inclusive resorts. Once the wedding celebrations are over, many couples look forward to celebrating their honeymoon in a relaxing, intimate and scenic setting in the mountains. These 5 ultimate honeymoon destinations for mountain lovers in Europe guarantee postnuptial bliss. Hallstatt, Austria Hallstatt is the most photographed Austrian village located on Lake Hallstatt’s shore. The lake town has quaint 16th-century Alpine
2018 Best Place In Italy To Visit
Best Places to Visit in Italy in 2018 Shaped like a boot, Italy is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations for dozens of reasons that include picturesque landscapes, architecture, precious art collections, and amazing cuisine. From small coastal towns in Sardinia to the lovely vineyards in Tuscany, Italy offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities. The good news is that many travel agencies offer European vacation packages and some of them include a visit to this wonderful country. Let’s take
Best Beaches In Europe
5 Best Beaches in Europe Europe is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, so it’s no wonder that every summer millions of tourists are flocking to countries like Italy, Spain, Croatia, Greece, and Portugal. Whether you are looking for family-friendly beaches with calm waters and plenty of water activities or you are after secluded destinations where you will find some peace and quiet, there is something for everyone on this lovely continent. To help you
5 Most Romantic Restaurants in London
5 Most Romantic Restaurants in London Hoping to find a romantic restaurant in London for an anniversary or for that special first date? Whether you are interested in a place with candle-lit tables or a restaurant that offers spectacular views of the Old Smoke, London has got you covered. Here is our list of 5 most romantic restaurants in London. 1 Clos Maggiore A modern French restaurant located in the heart of Covent Garden, Clos Maggiore is famous for its
Disney Travel Now Pay Later Vacation With Kids
Reasons to book a Disney Travel Now Pay Later vacation with your kids today Many families put off a Disney vacation thinking it is too expensive or not worth the money. However, Disneyland isn’t called the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ for nothing; a Disney visit is truly magical for the kids. Not everybody may have saved up for a Disney vacation and that’s okay, neither does it mean you should skip Disney. You can very well book a Disney trip
Family Travel Tips With The Kids
Great Family Travel Tips To Enjoy Your Vacation With The Kids Traveling with kids may seem like a big hassle for the parents but you are creating memories for your kids and it is something they will remember for the rest of their lives. Here are some family travel tips to make it less of a hassle and enjoy the trip in a relaxed and casual manner. Design the right itinerary When faced with the idea of a family vacation,
Best Honeymoon Destinations For Music Lovers
Best Honeymoon Destinations For Music Lovers Are you a music fan and are glued to the screen on Grammy’s night? Do you like to hear traditional folk songs or country music when you travel? Are you always on the lookout for great local bands? For many travelers, music is a big part of travel as is local sightseeing and historic sites. For those prefer to make their travel memories through beats and rhythm, here are top destination honeymoons in the
Essentials for Digital Nomads
Essentials for Digital Nomads There are many digital nomads out there who are moving around a lot from one place to another. Some of them are not planning to settle down anytime soon and love exploring tropical destinations and meeting new people. Since staying in one place for a long period of time is not really an option, knowing what essentials to bring on these travels is highly important. Some of these essentials for digital nomads may come in handy
2018 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations
Exotic Destination Honeymoons For 2018 Beautiful beaches, cabins in the mountains, cities rich with culture – all are great ways to enjoy a new place with your partner and have the dream destination honeymoon that all newlyweds deeply treasure. We have travel ideas for all type of honeymooners; here are some great destinations to celebrate your wedding in 2018. Bora Bora, French Polynesia Bora Bora is a small island in French Polynesia that has a stunning number of over the
Reasons To Travel Now Pay Later Vacations
Top Reasons To Book Travel Now Pay Later Vacations Travel Now Pay Later Vacations are becoming increasingly popular. These vacations can be funded in low down payments and easy monthly installments just like any other loan. They let you relax and enjoy the vacation you deserve but that also fits within your monthly budget. Many of these vacations with payment plans also have a zero interest fee policy; travelers are opting to finance their vacations for a variety of reasons.
Travel Now Pay Later Vacation Destinations
Best Destinations For Travel Now Pay Later Vacations Have you ever felt that you need a vacation now to get away from all that stress but have not been able to afford one? Travel Now Pay Later Vacations is the ideal solution for these types of situations; these vacations let you lock-in great travel deals for a low and affordable down payment. The down payment usually varies as per the cost and destination of your vacation and you can pay
Affordable Cruise Destination to Discover
3 Affordable All Inclusive Cruise Destinations to Discover in 2018 All Inclusive cruises are becoming increasingly popular because of their book and relax nature. Compared to traditional cruises, all-inclusive cruise travelers don’t have to pay out of pocket for drinks, gourmet meals, entertainment options and extra activities. All inclusive cruises cover most extra charges including drinks, tips,Wi-Fi, and excursions and customers know exactly what they are signing up for when they book an all-inclusive cruise deal. These cruises are like
Hawaii Vacation Packages
Hawaii Vacation Packages No matter what the event entails, one of the first destinations that comes to mind when it comes to traveling is Hawaii. Be it a destination honeymoon or family vacation years down the line, everybody rejoices at the idea of visiting this exotic place. Beaches, sunbath, palm trees, fresh air and cultural festivities are some of the things that magnetize tourists from all around the globe to this place. Vacationing is always done keeping in mind the
7 Amazing Caves To Visit
7 Amazing Caves To Add To Your Travel Itinerary Nature is a curious cabinet of wonders, and there’s no better reflection of that than the world’s most beautiful caves. Some caves — like Mexico’s Crystal Cave — are so dangerous that only professionals can access them. Others, like the ones Superior Cruise & Travel have profiled in this list, are accessible to the public and perfect companions your travel packages and itineraries. No matter what country you’re traveling to, there’s
Disney World Hotel Guide
  Disney World Hotel Guide: Which Should You Stay At? There’s a long list of places to stay during a Disney Word visit, but choosing the right one can be difficult — especially when you’ve never visited and don’t know what to expect. There are a host of Disney World hotels, and Superior Cruise & Travel offers some of the best online discounts for these properties. Each hotel has its own unique advantages, and your Disney World vacation package won’t
The Hidden Gems In Mexico
Hidden Gems In Mexico That’ll Convince You To Go Whether you’re exploring Mexico vacation packages or considering roughing it on a shoestring budget up the Baja coast, Mexico is the ideal place for cost-effective travel and beautiful scenery. Of course, you have your Mexico vacation staples: the Mayan ruins, the Frida Kahlo museum, Copper Canyon, Plaza Garibaldi. But there are still quite a few hidden gems of Mexico that will enhance your trip. Our Superior Cruise & Travel team are
5 Unique Hotel Perks
5 Unique Hotel Perks From Around The World When you plan a vacation, where you choose to sleep at night can make all the difference. Arriving at your hotel is often a sweet reprieve from a long day of traveling, but this is all the more true when your hotel is a little something special to offer. The Superior Cruise & Travel team is no stranger to luxury travel packages, and we know a unique perk when we see one.
New Year’s Eve Disney World Guide
Your New Year’s Eve Disney World Guide, Wrapped There’s a reason why New Year’s Eve at Disney World is such a packed event. With so much to do at Disney’s various parks, there’s no shortage of entertainment for all families. There’s a celebratory way to dance, laugh, and dine when you’re at Disney. While most of the events listed here are geared towards NYE 2018, Disney World generally keeps the same rough itinerary, with some minor changes. Disney lights up
New Year’s Best Places For Kids
Best Places to Take Your Kids During New Year’s   Planning a New Year’s celebration can be difficult, especially when you’ve got kids involved. What used to be a classic, simple New Year’s Eve party is now a thing of the past.  Now, with your family in tow, you want a celebration that everyone can enjoy and appreciate. Our Superior Cruise & Travel team pride ourselves in being family-oriented, and we always aim to help travelers curate the best experiences
All Inclusive Cruises
All Inclusive Cruises A cruise trip is at the top of most travellers’ desires. The raging sea, tranquil atmosphere, the far stretched aqua colored water can surely make one forget all the agitation and dive into the calm of the sea. If added to the natural pleasures is any kind of luxury, it would be a dream come true. That is exactly what all inclusive cruises intend to provide. From spacious halls to extravagant establishments to excellent service, everything is
5 Holiday Travel Tips
5 Holiday Travel Tips To Keep In Mind Every Year Traveling during the holidays can be stressful, but with the right tips, it doesn’t have to be. When you plan ahead and heed the suggestions of travel experts, your chances of a mishap are greatly reduced. Whether you’re traveling internationally for a Christmas holiday with your family, or visiting out-of-state relative for Thanksgiving, there are some travel tips that should be implemented for every holiday, every year. Here are Superior
8 Affordable Destinations For 2018
8 Affordable Destinations For 2018 Are you looking for a holiday destination for 2018 but not sure where to go? We’ve scoured the globe for cheapest travel destinations. Here’s a list of top 8 heavenly and most affordable picks for 2018 where you can travel now and pay later. Vietnam Vietnam, a beautiful country on the South China Sea is famous for its beaches, rivers and Buddhist pagodas. It is a super cheap travel destination and an alluring country of
Top 5 Christmas Travel Destinations
Top 5 Christmas Travel Destinations With a Christmas tree in place and your candy socks ready for Santa, it can feel like Christmas anywhere. However, there are some places around the world that go all out and celebrate Christmas like you’ve never witnessed before. Vienna, Austria Vienna is one of those places that are overflowing with Christmas sparkles and cheers. The festivities are at an all time high and the city appears magical with the holiday lights which are glowing
Tips For Traveling Abroad With Children
10 Must-Know Tips For Traveling Abroad With Children A great family vacation requires careful planning and attention to detail. Many parents are unsure of where to begin, especially if they’re traveling with their children for the first time. And some parents make the novice mistake of packing and going without properly preparing their children for what’s to come. Traveling abroad with children can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are ten tips to help you have the
Exploring Natures Colorful Beauty
Colors of the Rainbow: Exploring Nature’s Colorful Beauty There are places around the world that are so beautiful it almost feels unreal. Nature produces a vast kaleidoscope of colors, and for travelers who yearn to see the color wheel painted by the earth itself, these colorful places around the world fit the bill. And while there’s color all around you, there’s nothing quite like seeing it at its most pure. These vibrant locations are sure to leave a permanent impression
3 Saving Tips For Your Honeymoon
Three Must-Know Tips For Saving For Your Honeymoon Wedding plan can be just as fun and exciting as it is draining. As you spend all your free time deciding on details like floral arrangements and table cloths, you’ll likely find your mind wandering off to a luxury hotel in Hawaii or high-end ski lodge in Colorado. Honeymoons give you and your new spouse something to look forward to: it is the culmination of all the planning and waiting, and the
Reasons To Buy Travel Insurance
Why You Absolutely Need Travel Insurance There’s no way around it: when you’re traveling, you absolutely need travel insurance. Sure, it’s optional in theory, but not in practicality. Like anything else you’d invest in — a car, a house, your health — insurance is crucial. And when it comes to traveling, travel insurance is the lifeline you never want to be caught abroad without. Many travelers aren’t totally sure about what travel insurance entails. For those that don’t know what
5 Intricately Designed Ice Hotels
Five Intricately Designed Ice Hotels To Keep You Cool If you don’t mind cozying up in cold weather, there’s no better place for you to get your chill on than in one of these icy hotels. Here at Superior Cruise & Travel, we believe that every guest should delve deep into their travel experiences to make the most of their adventure. These outstanding hotels are truly livable pieces of art that allow guests to immerse themselves and embrace the cold
Best Online Tools for Travel
The Best Online Tools To Use For Your Travel Trip The travel industry is evolving, and technology now plays a crucial role in the travel process. From trip planning tools to apps that help you navigate foreign cities, travel apps and tools make adventures easier than ever. These programs are designed with the traveler in mind, and aim to solve common issues faced while traveling, or to streamline time-consuming tasks that many travelers come across. With so many options, choosing
5 Themed Restaurants To Visit
5 Themed Restaurants You’ll Want To Dine At Everyone loves to eat, and there’s nothing quite like a unique culinary adventure at one of the many themed restaurants around the world. Themed restaurants are so popular because they create immersive experiences that diners will likely never forget. This is where the meal and atmosphere merge to mold the perfect dining excursion. Here are five themed restaurants you’ll want to dine at while you’re traveling: Uobei, Tokyo Tokyo has some of
Homes Featured In Top Movie Films
Beautiful Homes You Can Visit From Movies You Love If you’re a movie buff that planning a vacation, why not combine the two? Whether you’re traveling on a budget or opting for luxury travel packages, you can craft an itinerary to please your Hollywood appetite when you visit the homes from movies you know and love. From classics like A Christmas Story to chilling hotels like Stanley Park, these homes were both shot for the big screen, and open to
5 Amazing Beach Cities Getaways
5 Beach Getaways Near Amazing Cities Everyone loves a great city, regardless of what continent you’re on. Spain has Madrid and Barcelona; Paris has France; Ireland has Dublin. The list goes on and on. At Superior Cruise & Travel, our agents appreciate the uniqueness of each capital and what it has to offer. But we also understand that even the thrill-seeking travelers needs time to relax and take in the beauty of moving place to place. We work with travelers
World’s Most Amazing Water Excursions
The Most Amazing Water Excursions In The World The water occupies the majority of the Earth’s surface, and its depths are the great mystery of the world. As such, many travelers associate luxury vacations and backpacking journeys with beaches, lagoons, oceans, rivers, and other bodies of water. The Great Blue Sea is synonymous with adventure, and we definitely agree. Whether you’ve booked an all-inclusive travel package to Mexico or opted for a cheap vacation in Southeast Asia, there are plenty
Disney World Secrets
Amazing Disney World Secrets To Make Your Trip Even Better Walt Disney World is an experience like no other: each new land, from the Magic Kingdom to Epcot and everything in between, provides an immersive experience that gives you even more stories to tell once you’ve left. The overall experience is an intricate weaving of everything that makes Disney so attractive to people all around the world: it’s the energetic atmosphere, the rides, the food, the characters, the endearing staff.
5 Picture-Worthy Rocks Around The World
The Most Picture-Worthy Rock Spots Around The World Everyone loves a good photo-op — especially when you’re on vacation. Protruding rocks and outlandish boulders around the world offer just that. Here at Superior Cruise & Travel, one of the best layaway travel sites, we understand that a picture is worth a thousand words. We’ve rounded up some of the best picture-worth rocks across the globe, and with the right planning, you’ll be staring at these beautiful natural wonders in no
Epic Train Rides
Epic Train Rides That Should Be On Every Bucket List Train travel is one of the best ways to travel, as it offers some of the best comfort, scenic views, and affordable costs. Here at Superior Cruise & Travel, we specialize in all-inclusive vacation packages and cruise travels (with some of the best cruise payment plans on the market), but we can appreciate a great train ride to and through some of our favorite countries. Because when it comes to
Book The Best Alaska Cruise
Your Guide To Booking The Best Alaska Cruise The Alaskan experience is unlike any other. Nature lovers rejoice on America’s last frontier, and there’s plenty to see and do when you experience this territory from the vantage point of a cruise ship. A range of activities across land and sea make this cruise destination an unforgettable experience. This is the perfect trip for couples, solo adventurers, and families. Here’s our roundup of attractions and cruise experiences. From the lush rain
How To Budget For Long-term Travel
Vacations With Payment Installments Whether you’re on a working holiday, a sabbatical, a gap year, or even an exchange program, there are many reasons people opt for long-term travel every year. It gives them a chance to learn more about the world we live in and become fully immersed in a wide variety of different cultures. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that long trips are more accessible than you think. And while there’s nothing wrong with bursts of short vacations
Insane Homes You Never Knew Existed
The Most Insane Homes You Never Knew Existed Who doesn’t love a good mystery or a good story? Fortunately for travel enthusiasts, you get to marvel at other homes that provide just that: a narrative. From a house with no foreseeable ending to another built from glass bottles, these homes aren’t your ordinary living quarters. They offer a pleasant respite from common living spaces you’re accustomed to, and might even inspire you to jazz up your residences when your trip
4 Of The Most Amazing Celebrations
4 Of The Most Amazing Celebrations For Travelers Who Like To Have Fun Every year, there are hundreds of festivals and carnivals happening around the world. Eager travel enthusiasts often time their travel plans with festival dates, or check for festivals that may overlap their travel dates. Superior Cruise & Travel has assembled a list of some of our favorite festivals from around the world. Each offer their own sense of community, uniqueness, culture, and adventure. Holi, India Many people
The Best Hidden Beaches
The Best Hidden Beaches You Need To Go Visit Everyone loves a good secret, and these hidden beaches are no exception. From pristine coastal waters to on-shore surprises, these beaches around the world offer more than just privacy and awe-inducing photos. And the best trips to Mexico, Hawaii (and other countries where these beaches are located) may not be complete without a visit. Take a look at some of our favorite hidden beaches: Playa del Amor – The Hidden Beach
5 Oddball Places to Visit
5 Oddball Places to Visit On Your Next Vacation Looking to go somewhere off the beaten path or take the road less traveled by? The following five places will either entice you to plan your next trip to these destinations, or make you wonder, “What other weird places are out there?” Keep in mind, these oddball listings are just a start: for those serious about going on their next adventure, additional research is always necessary. We encourage you to reach
Best Ways To Travel
The Best Ways To Travel For The Ultimate Experience There are many different ways to travel today: car, bus, plane, train; and just as many styles of traveling: solo, groups, backpacking, and so on. How you choose to travel depends on your preference, but what’s most important about traveling is to keep an open mind. What you think one way of traveling might consist of isn’t always accurate, and sometimes there’s even more to offer than you think. As you
5 Interesting Museums To Visit In Mexico
5 Interesting Museums To Visit In Mexico There’s plenty to see and do on your Mexico vacation — so much so, that scultping your itinerary might be a little challenging. Whether you’re looking for a luxury Mexico vacation package or Mexico vacation on a budget, there are still plenty of amazing museums to suit every traveler type and style. These museums are a nod to Mexican culture, and there’s plenty to see and admire. Each of these five interesting museums
Best Ways To Travel & Best Cruise Deals
Cruising: The All-In-One Adventure of a Lifetime Cruising is one of the best ways to travel, and the growing cruise industry is a testament to this. Travelers who have been on cruise vacations typically go on another cruise, and travelers who are new to cruising are pleasantly surprised to learn that myths about cruises are actually just that – myths. With extensive knowledge of the cruise industry, and the best cruise deals on the Web, we’re happy to dispell some
4 Abandoned Places In Hawaii
4 Abandoned Places In Hawaii Steeped In History Hawaii has so much to offer travelers from around the world. Its lava tubes, soaring waterfalls, and crystal beaches make it a must for people of all travel preferences. But if you’re in for something unique, consider going beyond the typical tourist trail and check out a few abandoned sites that Hawaii offers. These sites exude a little more history than you’d think, and you’ll certainly return home with stories to tell.
Tips From Dallas Travel Agents
Travel Tips From Our Talented Team Of Dallas Travel Agents Taking the travel leap is something that never grows old, and at Superior Cruise & Travel, our Dallas travel agents revel in being able to assist travel leap after travel leap. Our team is not only well-versed in the happenings of the travel industry, but passionate about every adventure and itinerary we bring to life. Having helped thousands of travelers for nearly two decades, we’ve come up with our own
Luxury Vacation Packages To The Caribbean
Luxury Vacation Packages To The Caribbean Well Within Your Budget Have you ever thought about vacationing in a place where there are long and peaceful beaches, there is vibrant culture and a wide range selection when it comes to all-inclusive resorts at amazing locations? Then you should think about visiting the Caribbean islands for a vacation, because it has to offer so much more. With the luxury vacation packages, offered by Superior Cruise & Travel, you can make so much
How Travel Agencies Differ
How Superior Cruise & Travel Stacks Up Against The Rest Superior Cruise & Travel is different from your run-of-the-mill travel agencies in Dallas. We set the standard in three important categories: price, passion, and personable customer service. When it comes to finances, our travel packages offer the most competitive prices, and with our price beat guarantee, you can be sure you’ll get the best rates. On average, our customers save at least $100 compared to other services. If you can
4 Types Of Cruises
4 Types Of Cruises & Why They’re Great Going on a cruise is the ultimate combination of fun and adventure. Whether you’re sailing across the ocean or along a river, you’ll never want to be out the water again, and before you’ve left the ship you’ll likely be planning your next cruise. Cruises are the ultimate getaway because everything you need is onboard, and you’re disconnected from the rest of the world. However, there’s much more to cruising than people
Why You Need A Travel Agent
Why You Need A Travel Agent The travel industry is booming, and consumers can now use dozens of portals to create the ultimate adventure. There’s countless apps, booking platforms, online deals, and more to get you started. With so many options, it should be easy to narrow down your search and find the most convenient, affordable, and amazing trip possible. However, this is where the conundrum begins. To truly find the best deal for even the most basic trips, you’d
5 Myths About Cruise Travel
5 Myths About Cruise Travel Here at Superior Cruise & Travel, we get hundreds of customers each year looking for the perfect all inclusive cruise deals. We’ve been matching customers with the ideal cruise package for nearly two decades. However, as one of the premier travel agencies in Boston, Dallas, and elsewhere; we understand how skeptical newbie cruise travelers can be. There’s plenty of misconceptions about cruise travel, especially as it’s gotten much more popular over the last decade and
The Ultimate Travel Escape
Seeking The Ultimate Travel Escape? Most people would rather spend money on experiences than material possessions, and that’s where Superior Cruise & Travel comes in to help. There aren’t many  travel agencies that have consistently dedicated themselves to nearly two decades of making travel dreams come true. Our commitment to our customers is one way that sets us apart from other top travel agencies around the world. We go the extra mile for each customer, whether they want to rearrange
Best All-Inclusive Cruise Deals
Superior Cruise & Travel Offers Some of the Best All-Inclusive Cruise Deals Superior Cruise & Travel is proud to offer some of the best all-inclusive cruise deals on the market. We’re able to consistently help our clients save more money than competitors because we maintain great relationships with all our vendors and show our customers the utmost support and dedication. Unlike other Boston travel agencies, and even travel agencies around the world, we don’t view our customers as dollar signs.
What Sets Us Apart
What Sets Superior Cruise & Travel Apart From Other Travel Agencies With over twenty years of creating successful travel experiences, Superior Cruise & Travel has a lot to offer. From our unique Caribbean, Hawaii, and European vacations to our cheap travel deals and luxury getaways, there’s no gap that isn’t filled on the travel spectrum. We aim to create long-lasting relationships with our customers. In fact, many of the people who book through us are repeat customers who come back