What To Do If Your Passport Is Lost Or Stolen?


In the ideal world, there are no boundaries, no passports, no visas and people eat chocolate clouds all day.

Alas! It is not the world we are living in; we need official proof of everything and government documents to back them up.

However, if you lose those regulatory documents, things may look a little blue. It does not end in the world, and every problem can be solved with a more relaxed head.

These are the things that one should do if one loses a passport on a foreign land:

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File a police complaint

Passport is the essential legal identity document, ever. If and when you lose it, or someone steals it from you, immediately call the police and file a complaint.

You are a victim here; you don’t have to worry a bit, you are the wronged party, relaxed and tell them the truth.

Also, make sure to get a copy of the police complaint, it is a powerful piece of paper, that will help you in the process further.

If you are on a cruise talk to your cruise travel agency about the incident too.

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Contact Your Country’s Embassy

Every country has many embassies in other countries to help their citizens with any problem. If your passport is stolen or lost, these are the people that can help you.

Call the embassy, ask them to connect you to the consular section, tell them about the miss fortunate incident that just has happened.

Request for an emergency passport, if you are planning to leave the country soon and a full validity passport if you are in the country for a longer time.

Don’t forget to tell them that you have filed a police complaint and send them the copy of the complaint.

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Use The Backup

A wise man once said, “always keep the backup of your important documents.” So, if you have listened to him, you must have a digital copy of your passport saved in your email.

You should also always carry a colored Xerox of your essential documents with you, keep them safe in your hotel room.

If you are mugged in a foreign country, chances are they will also steal your phone, in situations like these, hard copies are vital.

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Get Ready For A Fee And Some Waiting Game

Unless you are a victim of a severe crime, you are supposed to pay the passport renewal charges.

You will also have to wait for between four to six weeks for the arrival of your new passport. The carrots are cooked now; spend your money wisely, until you get your temporary passport.

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Don’t Do Anything Illegal

Don’t pick a nightclub fight, or jump a red light or jaywalk until you get your new passport. Police may take even stricter action against you.

Keep your anger and actions under control. It is not like there is any good time to do things mentioned above, but you should blow in the yogurt as you would do with soup.

Closing Statement

No one likes when something like happens, but it is life and things happened, sometimes because of no reason at all.

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The least you can do is to be prepared for the ones you can anticipate and deal with the already happened ones.


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