Best Thanksgiving Destinations of 2018


Thanksgiving is on 22 November. What are your plans for it this year? If travel is on your mind we are here to help you figure out a place that doesn’t feel like you are missing the festival yet gives you an experience of a lifetime. A few destinations fall in line with this thought. These places in Europe are a nice getaway from the usual festivities. Are you excited?

Let’s roll out the destinations one-by-one:

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Budapest, Hungry

The winters would be setting in during Thanksgiving, still would feel comforting. The best part is the cheap rates offered in comparison to spring and summer. In Budapest, get mesmerized by the architectural marvels, enjoy the thermal baths and gorge on the Hungarian culinary. And also you can start shopping for Christmas. Don’t miss the light display at the Christmas Fair at Basilica and the Christmas market on Vorosmarty Square.

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Costa Rica

It is a perfect warm weather locale you wished to know about. Costa Rica offers a variety of options both for adventure and relaxation. You can explore the wildlife of the place or go for aerial tram above the zip lines or cruise over the rainforest canopy. You can also enjoy a quiet time on a hammock under the swaying palms. Since it is the end of rainy season, you can reap a few off season benefits. In Costa Rica, have fresh fruits in place of stuffed mashed potatoes; indulge in yoga sessions in the morning and other wellness activities with light musical evenings.

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A perfect mix of history, culture and modern attractions, there is no place like Amsterdam. You can go through the Leiden American Pilgrim Museum Foundation in Leiden, Holland. After soaking some history, you can explore other museums all across the Amsterdam; this includes Anne Frank House and Van Gogh Museum. Though the temperature is a bit colder, the lesser crowd and plenty of deals on flight and accommodation is a bonus. Don’t forget to take a stroll along the canals and some downtime in Vondelpark.

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The CotsWolds, England

This is as beautiful around the Thanksgiving as it is at any other time of the year. But yes, it looks a little more picturesque in fall with ivy turning red and showing various hues of yellow over the cottages. It is also the time resident’s start collecting wooden logs for winters. Explore the trails here. The 102 mile Cotswolds Way National Trail long trail takes you along beautiful hills, picturesque villages and storied churches. The cuisines in the restaurants have home-cooked, farm-to-table dishes on their menu. These will compensate your Thanksgiving food back home to some extent. Budget-friendly inns are available easily.

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Florence, Italy

For those looking for a world class vacation, Florence in Italy is just perfect. Out here, you can experience the world renowned art institutions like the Uffizi gallery without going through the crowds. You can have tickets to the opera performances and theaters. If you have more time, head to the beautiful, mesmerizing hills of Tuscany or sip from the exotic bottles of Chianti, or shop and hop around the shopping avenues and the restaurants.


Summing up

For years, you have been celebrating Thanksgiving with the family and friends. Those memories are etched in your brain, now make some more at some far off locale.

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