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The travel industry is evolving, and technology now plays a crucial role in the travel process. From trip planning tools to apps that help you navigate foreign cities, travel apps and tools make adventures easier than ever. These programs are designed with the traveler in mind, and aim to solve common issues faced while traveling, or to streamline time-consuming tasks that many travelers come across.

With so many options, choosing between the countless travel apps on the market can be quite the task: Superior Cruise & Travel has narrowed down the comprehensive roster of travel tools to a diverse set that’s sure to help travelers of all types.

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Travefy is a free planner that allows users to drop in reservation numbers for flights, hotels, and other activities. The platform then generates information about the event, such as check-in and check-out times, and boarding times. It will popular your itinerary with addresses, phone numbers, emails, and other important chunks of information.

You can add photos, notes, and countless other details to truly flesh out your itinerary. The tool is free for personal use, and even allows users to collect money directly from the itinerary and create a dialogue among the participating travelers for a trip. For example, one traveler could comment that a particular attraction is closed, and others would be able to join in and suggest alternative destinations. This social itinerary not only makes collaboration easy, but keeps everyone involved and up-to-date.

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WiFi Map

Not everyone is willing out shell out the money for pricey international data plans, and this is where WiFi plays a huge role in travel. Travelers need to be able to communicate for both personal and work purposes, without amassing a sky high bill. WiFi Map helps you discover hundreds of free WiFi locations around the world. Not only will you receive the location and network name, but passwords as well. There’s both free and paid versions, with the paid version offering additional WiFi information at more remote locations.

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SeatGuru is the ultimate wizard at helping you fly in maximum comfortability. Every traveler — particularly those traveling for the long haul — should consult SeatGuru before it’s too late. The website details the layout of all major airline aircrafts, and reveals seats that have been problematic for other travelers (potential issues include trouble reclining, not a good window seat, or lack of space for personal items).

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Today’s major navigation apps like Google aren’t so familiar with the ins and outs of local transportation in foreign countries. This is where Moovit comes in. This local transit app is constantly updating in real-time, and provides travelers with step-by-step instructions to getting around a city via local transportation. And unlike other apps, you can forget about the need to check it repeatedly: Moovit will alert you when your stop is near.

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LoungeBuddy is perfect for travelers who have long flights and layovers. This mobile applications makes it easy for travelers to learn more about the hundreds of lounges at different airports around the world. Users simply provide their information, such as credit card, reward programs, and frequent flier numbers, and the app will automatically calculate which free perks are available at that particular airport.

Many travelers are involved in so many programs, it’s hard to keep abreast on what’s available to them. LoungeBuddy will also let you know if there are fee-based lounges available, and provides pictures and reviews to help you decide if it’s worth paying for.

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Google Translate

Many people aren’t aware of just how useful the Google Translate app is. While reading up on other languages prior to your trip will help you become familiar with common expressions, it’s not as practical in real-world situations. It can translate 103 languages by typing, and can translate at least 52 languages offline. It will also allow users to scan images of text for translations, making it preferable over thumbing through language guides and separate apps.

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